Katie’s Future Husband

I presume that this is a scan of a sheet of paper that someone found:

My initial reaction was to chuckle at the spelling and grammar

gaffes, especially at the bit about her ideal husband not cheating on

her with a “hoe” (a “hoe” is a garden implement; a “ho” is a skeezy skeeza).

However, young “Katie” — assuming she’s the person who wrote this

— is doing one thing right: she actually has some kind of game plan

for an aspect of her life and she’s written it down. How many of us

have done that?

(And hey, dig that hierarchical diagram at the top. This girl’s got “object-oriented programming natural” written all over her.)

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I love how she added “and good smelling” in later. As if she just ran into some stinky guy and remembered to add this to her list.

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