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Here Comes Your MP3 (or: Live Recordings of the Pixies’ First Concert in Over a Decade)

The good news: I secured four tickets to the Pixies reunion tour show!

The bad news: I’ll have to wait a bit. They’re playing Accordion City on November 24th. I’ll be 37 then (my birthday’s November 5th).

In the meantime, I’ll have to wait and make do with these very well-recorded MP3s of the Pixies’ first live show in 12 years. They were recorded straight off the soundboard at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis on April 13th.

This is a big collection of files, so they’re being distributed by BitTorrent (written by my friend Bram Cohen, who I’m glad is finally reaping some rewards for writing this fine piece of software). You can download BitTorrent here.

Here’s the set list for the show:

1. Bone Machine
2. Wave of Mutilation
3. U-Mass
4. Levitate Me
5. Broken Face
6. Monkey Gone To Heaven
7. Holiday Song
8. Winterlong
9. Nimrod’s Song
10. La La Love You
11. Ed Is dead
12. Here Comes Your Man
13. Vamos
14. Debaser
15. Dead
16. Number 13 Baby
17. Tame
18. Gigantic
19. Gouge Away
20. Caribou


21. Isla De Encanta
22. Velouria
23. In Heaven->Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
24. Where Is My Mind?
25. Into The White

I’m listening to them right now, and lovin’ ’em!

(And yes, Meryle, I’ll burn you a copy on CD-ROM for your birthday.)

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It’s a good thing I brought an extra pair of pants to work the other day, because when I downloaded and listened to these tracks I made a bit of a mess in the first pair.

But I’m angry they aren’t coming to my little shit town! Between them and 50 Foot Wave passing me by on these tours, I’m starting to feel very musically unloved. 🙁

I know it’s the Pixies and all but like Eye magazine said “Arrow Hall-what the fuck?!” I think the only other place they could play with worse sound would be Varsity Arena

All the reviews of that Minneapolis show I’ve read highlight the fact that the band did Neil Young’s “Winterlong”. Some reviewers — like the one Joey linked to — note this with a certain sense surprise. It shouldn’t be a surprise: The Pixies and lots of other great bands from the late 80s/early 90s chipped in a track for a compilation called The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young. Our heroes did a very up-tempo version of Winterlong. (I wonder if its as upbeat as it is on the record — but then I won’t have to wonder long as my Bit Torrent download of the show is just about all done.).

I bought this album — on vinyl — when it was released. It’s still one of my favourite records. Nick Cave does “Helpless” (of course); Dinosaur Jr. just about loses it on a hilariously enthusiastic version of “Lotta Love” and Nikkie Suddens’ cover of “Captain Kennedy” may be better than the original.

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