Go hard or go home

I’ve just come back from 12 hours of moving tons (literally!) of silk.

Sunny Choi, the semi-formal and formal women’s clothing company a stone’s throw from Big Trouble in Little China (that’s the new name of my house) is moving, and they’ve hired a group of strapping young men — of whom I am one — to move their office, which includes a full dressmaker’s shop. We moved two truckloads of rolls of silk, which we had to load and unload by hand. We also moved an entire winter line of Little Black Dresses.

Now I’ve got to find a way to make an appearance at four separate parties — two at bars, one at an Evil Little Chickie’s warehouse loft, and one on Adam Grant’s roof, which overlooks Queen and Spadina.

And tomorrow morning, Sunny Choi will need my services again. Probably for another 12 hours. And again on Monday. The exercise is good, and since various deadbeats owe me something in the neighbourhood of CDN$15,000, I could also use the money.

Go hard or go home, I always say.

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