The return of Virtual Bubble Wrap

A long time ago, I cobbled together the Shockwave version of Virtual Bubble Wrap, a game created at Mackerel Interactive Multimedia, the first company for whom I worked after graduation from university.

With the demise of Mackerel (which was going to be covered in Wired by Cory Doctorow until an editior killed the story), this fun little time-waster disappeared off the ‘Net, and other, lesser pretenders to the throne (and one interesting program with the same name that’s actually more of a cursor-art thing) have tried to step in and fill the void.

Dave Groff, one of Mackerel’s Creative Directors and the guy who conceived the game, has given me permission to use Virtual Bubble Wrap from my own evil ends. With that carte blanche, I’ve decided to resurrect it. You can find it in the Resume section of this site, or if you’re really impatient, you can simply click here to play Virtual Bubble Wrap.

This version of Virtual Bubble Wrap uses the original artwork from original version of the game, which appeared the old Mackerel Stack, which came out in 1993. When you’re playing this version, you’re playing the real deal.

The game requires Shockwave, which you can download from Macromedia.

(Yes, this is a shameless plug for my programming services. Dude’s gotta eat, you know.)

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