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What’s Been Happening

Slightly updated Tuesday mid-afternoon: I wrote a terribly long (even for me) run-on sentence in this entry, and have since broken into a list of bullet points. It may not quite convey the hectic pace of things as well, but at least it’s readable.

The Joeyverse is undergoing some major rearrangements, so the blog may take a back seat to all the major planetary re-aligning that I have to do at the moment. I will endeavour to keep feeding this beast, as it keeps me sharp, and well, because it’s a fun beast to feed.

I do have enough time to report that a lot has happened in the past two weeks. I have had long and sleepless nights that I thought would never end and nights that didn’t register because I fell asleep as soon as my head the pillow; I’ve woken up at 1 in the afternoon and five in the morning. I’ve referred both half a honey-glazed donut and a full roast with mashed white and sweet potatoes as “dinner”. I’ve run the range from:

It’s been quite a fortnight, and for that reason, I’ll be drinking at tonight’s Thirsty People of Toronto meeting. If anyone is feeling generous, I’d be terribly grateful if you could PayPal me a beer.

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