I See That My Copy of “Understanding Women” is on its Way

Guy looking through a book with a ridiculous number of pages

Gonna be a lot of reading…

Image and gag borrowed from Bob Angell.

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N00b Boyfriend

What happens when a girl from a l33t family brings a n00b boy home to meet her parents?

This article also appears in Global Nerdy.

It Happened to Me Work

Hello from Ottawa!

Parliament buildings in Ottawa, with tress in the foreground The view from my hotel room.

I haven’t been to Ottawa in 20 years. The last time, it was to visit a girl, and it ended badly. Every pedicab and rickshaw guy in town was in love with her and wished hot death upon me during my visit, and in the end, she decided that she wanted to be “just friends”.

Months later, a friend would tell me that she paid me a very nice compliment after a horrible experience with some jerk: “There are three kinds of men in the world: scum, art fags and Joey!” It’s nice for the present-day me, but did 1989-me no good.

This time, I’m here on bidniss, doing a presentation on how to code accessible websites, followed by catching up with some friends. Should be fun.


Oedipal Airlines

They ran some weird ads back in the late sixties and early seventies…

American Airlines ad about their stewardesses: "Think of her as your mother" Click the ad to see it at full size.
Image courtesy of “knutmo”.