On Second Thought, THIS is the Sign of the Day

Billboard that reads: "Illiterate? Write for free help." Found via Certified Bullshit Technician.


Sign of the Day

Sign: "Danger - The dog has a gun and refuses to take his medication"


Sign of the Day

Sign painted on doors: "Please do not block these doors unless we say: 'Oh alright then, just this once'." Photo courtesy of

Life Work

The Job Opportunity You Can’t Refuse

Allen Stern blogs about a sign that’s outside Rice to Riches, a rice pudding place in New York City’s East Village:

Sign: "Help Wanted: Start a career in the fascinating, fast-paced lucrative pudding business. Long hard hours, very low pay, lots of heavy lifting, work for a ball-busting asshole, dead-end job, no benefits, no advancement, must be college grad. Start immediately."

The sign reads:

Help Wanted

Start a career in the fascinating, fast-paced lucrative pudding business

  • Long hard hours
  • Very low pay
  • Lots of heavy lifting
  • Work for a ball-busting asshole
  • Dead-end job
  • No benefits
  • No advancement
  • Must be college grad

Start immediately

It’s attention getting; Allen says that he saw a number of people read the sign and as a result step into the store. There’s more in his blog entry about the sign.

I wonder how many people read it and thought “Sounds great! Where do I sign up?”

Accordion, Instrument of the Gods

The “No Accordions” Sign

I don’t normally vandalize signs, but I’d make an exception for this special case:

Sign banning accordion playing

Stefan Arentz, a co-member of HacklabTO, sent me the photo. He says that it was put up by a Dutch cafe owner to ban accordion-playing gypsies.


Type Nesting

Birds nesting in the letter "A" in signs

Type Nesting is a site that’s focused on a single topic: photos of birds nesting in the letters of signs. They really seem to like uppercase As and Rs.

[Found via]


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (or: Bar Sign of the Day)

Perhaps if they’d given the night another name, it might have turned out differently:

Chalkboard sign outside a bar: "Due to physical violance, Shit Faced Mondays have been cancelled."

I have no idea what bar this sign is for. I just ran across this picture here and thought it was too good not to share.

(I hear every Monday is Shitfaced Monday over at David Crow’s house.)