Sketchy Santas

In addition to Santa, NO!, there’s another blog of funny/sad Santa photos called Sketchy Santas. Here are a few of my favourite entries…

I call this one “Playground Candyman Santa”, and wonder if the poor kid ended up in therapy:

sketchy santa 1

I lived in the Philippines from age 3 to 7 and hence my memories of Santa are based on how he’s portrayed there. Even there, the image of “Santa” is of the fat white guy in a red suit that was popularized by Coca-Cola ads, so they hired white guys who happened to be there and who needed the extra money. As a result, my mental image of Santa is often cloudied by memories of sweaty guys with Australian accents reeking of Tanduay rum. Hence I find the photo below comforting rather than creepy:

sketchy santa 2

If you don’t rat anyone out, Goodfellas Santa will give you something byoo-tee-full for Christmas:

sketchy santa 3

Hey, Santa, watch where you’re putting that left hand!

sketchy santa 4

I’ve nicknamed this guy “Harry Dean Stanta”:

sketchy santa 5

and finally, Santa shouldn’t have cold serial-killer eyes:

sketchy santa 6


“Santa, NO!”

Santa, NO! is a hilarious blog featuring images of Santa in less-than-fortunate situations. Here are a few recently-posted favourites of mine:

01 santa no

 02 santa no

03 santa no

04 santa no