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Michael and Stevie, Lookin’ Very Cool

micheal jackson and stevie wonder

This is a great pic of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder in the studio, presumably sometime around when the Jackson 5 sang backup on Stevie’s You Haven’t Done Nothin’, an underappreciated tune these days (it’s also an angry criticism of Richard Nixon, as well as one that the Teabaggers are trying to co-opt in their insane anti-Obama campaign) despite the fact that it’s quite good and his tenth number one hit on the Billboard Top 100.

It’s a testament to fashion’s cyclical nature that both their outfits wouldn’t look terribly out of place in 2010. I’ve worn something a lot like Michael’s outfit recently – at a Microsoft conference, no less! – and Stevie’s rockin’ a look that Snoop Dogg would feel at home in.


Michael Would’ve Looked Like Lando

This scan from the August 1985 issue of Ebony features their prediction of what Michael Jackson would’ve looked like in the year 2000 (which, back then, seemed like a time in the far-off future):


“At 40,” the caption reads, “he will have aged gracefully and will have a handsome, more mature look.” Tacky 80s-era clothing aside, it’s a good look for him. Very Lando Calrissian.

Keep in mind that this photo was altered in the time before Photoshop, when you had to do it with knives, brushes, paints and a very steady hand.

It’s easy to laugh at the prediction in hindsight, but this was the mid-80s, before the accident while shooting the Pepsi commercial and well before celebrity extreme meltdowns were more commonplace.