Professor Elemental’s New Video: “I’m British!”

I’d like to dedicate this newly-released video — I’m British, by super-genteel hip-hopper Professor Elemental — to my stiff-upper-lipped friends such as Ewan Sinclair, David Underwood, Alice Taylor, Vinney, as well as honourary Brit Hilary Robinson.

It’s perfect for today here in Accordion City: looking out my window at the grey sky, my first thought was “It’s perfectly Grange Hill out there.”


Hip-Hop Video of the Day: Deuce Poppi’s “My White Friends”

Accordion City is often referred to as the most multicultural city in North America, if not the whole planet, and we generally get along. If we ever decide that we need a city anthem, I would recommend that we simply adopt Deuce Poppi’s My White Friends:

[Attention Carson T. Foster and Wil McLean! You need to get the karaoke version of this song!]

Geek Play

Nerd Hip-Hop Collection

Brett Domino

British uberpopnerd Brett Domino elevates hip-hop to a whole new level with a medley of Rapper’s Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang, Jump Around by House of Pain and Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff’s Boom! Shake the Room, equipped with only two “Stylos” and a microphone:


Klenginem is a German guy who does Eminem numbers – in tlhIngan Hol, which you might know better as “Klingon”. Qapla’!

Kate "AlpineKat" McAlpine

I can’t talk about nerd hip-hop without bringing up Kate "AlpineKat" McAlpine, the science communicator/rapper behind the Large Hadron Collider Rap, which explains what the Large Hadron Collider is and why it was made: