Work-Related Greeting Cards

“You should be thankful you have a job!” used to be a reminder of the importance of gratitude. Unfortunately it’s all too often used as a thinly disguised version of “It’s because of you that I’m not already a millionaire” these days.

 In the spirit of this new meaning, here’s a greeting card from someecards, the masters of “It’s funny because it’s true”:

Greeting card featuring a woman at a computer: "Having a job is the new raise"

And for those of you celebrating the High Holidays, here’s a reminder of the importance of networking!

Greeting card featuring two men praying: "The key to weathering this rough economic climate could be the connections we make at synagogue during the High Holidays."

(By the bye, this works just as well at church, the mosque, secret meetings of the Illuminati and the Toronto Techie Dim Sum, which will take place next week!)