Thinking of a European Vacation?

First, a treat for you Lord of the Rings fans:

Picture of icelandic volcano ash cloud and lightning: "One does not simply fly into Europe"

Even before the eruption of Mount Unpronounceable, prices for flights to Europe were higher this year than last year. The chart below shows the prices for flights from the “top 50” cities in the U.S. and Canada to the “top cities” in Europe:

Chart showing considerably higher prices for flights to Europe in 2010 versus 2009

There’s an article at that attempts to answer the question “I’m flying to Europe this summer – should I buy tickets now or wait?” Rick Seaney, the author, says he’s a gambler at heart and suggests that you keep an eye open for price drops over the next few weeks; if you see a ticket below USD$1100, snap it up. Read the article for more.

In the News

A Free Lunch for the People Who Need it Least

"Hurley" from the TV series "Lost", posing beside one of jet engines on the beach

While I believe that airline seats should be widened a little – even people of “average” build find them a bit narrow – I think that the Canadian Supreme Court’s recent ruling that the obese have the right to two airline seats for the price of one on flights within Canada is wrong. Just as airline cargo space has a value and you have to pay accordingly if you bring on more than the standard weight allotment, airline seats have value and you should have to pay for the seats you use.