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Hurricane WATCH vs WARNING, explained with tacos

Taco watch vs. Taco warning:
“Taco watch” features taco ingredients and the caption “The ingredients are in place for tacos to happen.”
“Taco warning” features an assembled taco and the caption “We’re having tacos RIGHT NOW!”
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Once again, because a hurricane watch has been announced for Tampa Bay for Tropical Storm Idalia, the graphic above provides a quick explainer for the often-misunderstood terms hurricane watch and hurricane warning…but with tacos!

Simply put:

  • If the atmospheric conditions are ripe for a storm, tornado, or hurricane to occur, weather a services issue a watch. A watch basically says “It might happen; be on the lookout for it.”
  • If a storm, tornado, or hurricane has formed, weather services issue a warning. A warning basically says “It is happening; get to shelter NOW!”

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