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Playing in Tarpon Springs tonight!

Joey deVilla smiles with his accordion as Tom Hood plays ukulele on a dock with fishing boats as the sun sets.

I’m playing more classic rock on accordion this evening with Tom Hood and the Tropical Sons at Bayou Bistro in Tarpon Springs!

The fun starts at 5:30 and wraps up around 8:30. If you’re in the area and like seafood, beer, and great live music, come on over! It’s an open mic night, so if you feel like playing with us, bring your instrument!

Here are some scenes from the last time I played there, a few weeks ago:

Tom Hood plays ukulele in the foreground as Joey deVilla plays accordion in the background. Behind them is a gravel parking lot with cars, a boat, and palm trees.
Tom Hood is silhouetted as the sun sets in the background as he play ukulele on a dock with fishing boats.
Two audience members sit in Adirondack chairs on a dock as Tom Hood plays ukulele.

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