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The title sequence for “Star Wars: Andor,” 1975 style!

“Andor” title card, done in a cheesy 1970s font reminiscent of “Space: 1999”.

What if Star Wars: Andor was broadcast in 1975 instead of 2022?

Auralnauts — the people who’ve been remixing Star Wars scenes to great effect for years — have answered this question by creating their own title sequence for Andor, and from the downscaled video, cheesy title graphics, 1970s synthpop, and Very Serious Narrator providing a summary of the show, it’s 1970s-a-riffic!

Andor’s face against a 1970s-style background of neon/laser trails.

“Starring Diego Luna” title card, with a suitably downscaled image of Andor shooting a laser pistol.

Title card: “Based on THX 1138 by George Lucas”

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

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