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Hurricane Ian progress report: Where Ian is, and where we are

Satellite photo showing Hurricane Ian (which is about the size of Florida) approaching Florida. An arrow labeled “We are here” points to Tampa.
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Where we are — the Seminole Heights neighborhood in Tampa — the rain has begun to fall in earnest, and we’re now just waiting to see what happens when Hurricane Ian arrives.

We’ve deployed the hurricane kevlar…

…we always maintain a good supply of bottled water (which doubles as my CPAP water supply)…

…the pantry is always stocked…

…as is the bar…

…and while the battery stash isn’t as well-stocked as I would like…

…it should be enough.

I’ll keep you posted as the day goes, and while we have power and internet connectivity!

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A small observation on your drinking water post. If you’re using tap water instead of distilled water in your CPAP, you run some risks as the minerals gunk up the machine. If you’re stockpiling distilled water to drink, your CPAP will be fine, but the human body just don’t like that “stripped down” distilled water.

Hope the hurricane didn’t do the damage Fiona did to the Canadian Maritimes.

Those kevlar sheets look spiffy!

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