The Current Situation

Happy Wednesday — I hope yours is going better than Stepan’s!

This is Stepan, a cat with an amusing Instagram account (@loveyoustepan). Under normal circumstances, he lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Here’s Stepan’s most recent post:

Мы живы! 🇺🇦❤️ Люди, остановите войну! Российская армия продолжает бомбить мирное население Украины! #stopwar
#ukraine #uaразом #kharkov мой город😭😭💔

Translation (courtesy of Google Translate):
We are alive! 🇺🇦❤️ People, stop the war! The Russian army continues to bomb the civilian population of Ukraine! #stopwar
#ukraine # uarazom #kharkov my city😭😭💔

I’ll close with a couple more photos. Click them to see the originals:

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