Arby’s Vodka

Yup, this is real. Tap to visit the Arby’s Vodka site.

That’s right: Arby’s Vodka. 

It’s being made by Tattersall, a Minneapolis-based distillery that makes some decent stuff, including a fernet that I rather like.

And it’s supposed to come in two flavors that you’d find at Arby’s:

  • Crinkle Fry
  • Curly Fry

I’m not a regular consumer of franchise fast food, and my opinion of Arby’s is perfectly summed up in this Simpsons quote…

…but hey, I’m up for trying a bottle of french-fry flavored vodka, perhaps in the form of a shot topped with ketchup or garlic mayo.

Want to find out more? The details are at

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