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Hey, Canadian cats! “Recreational Narcatics” is now available online!

Hey, Canadian cats: Are you looking for “the good stuff”? Recreational Narcatics, purveyors of the finest nepeta cataria, are selling their 100% organic catnip on

As they say on the human edition of their site (yup, there’s a feline edition too!)…

Recreational Narcatics doesn’t harvest its plants until they’re nice and mature because that’s when plants boast their highest levels of nepetalactone, as well as essential oils and blooms. Caturday night should be as interesting and mentally stimulating as possible.

Recreational Narcatics sells on for CDN$11.49 for a 20g bag. Don’t you wish the human stuff came at that price?

Recreational Narcatics comes to you via my friend David Matte, whom I’ve known since the eighties. He knows his ’nip, and don’t just take my word for it — ask one of his satisfied customers:

What are you waiting for? Get your paws on Recreational Narcatics, available via for CDN$11.49, today!

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So I was googling my name, and I came across this post about my new brand for sophisticated felines. Can’t thank you enough. But one more wont hurt. THANKS!

Merry Christmas,

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