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“Existential Troopers”: Auralnauts’ remix of “The Mandalorian”

Photo: Still from “Existential Troopers” — The speeder bike troopers from “The Mandalorian”, in the scene where one of them punches Baby Yoda

Existential Troopers is Auralnauts’ latest Star Wars remix in which they take the classic “Stormtroopers” scene from the final season one episode of The Mandalorian and turn it from simple comedy gold in great philosophical comedy gold.

It’s a great premise. One speeder bike trooper has been thinking about how in spite of their superior numbers and technology, The Empire always loses. He even brings up the the topic of how the best-trained, best equipped army in the galaxy has such terrible aim and got defeated by “a bunch of weekend warriors and their pet teddy bears on Endor”. He’s reasoned out that it might be their destiny to lose, and existential hilarity ensues…

If you liked what Auralnauts did with Existential Troopers, be sure to catch my article spolighting another Auralnauts creation, Go To Sleep Baby Yoda, which takes scenes of The Mandalorian and The Child on the Razor Crest (the ship) and turns it into a sweet bedtime story, complete with catchy synthpop tune!


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