It Happened to Me Tampa Bay

Today at Bearss Groves

Photo: Pumpkin stands at Bearss Groves

If you’re in Tampa and looking for pumpkins, our regular fruit/vegetable place, Bearss Groves, has plenty in stock! I got three “sugar pie” pumpkins for $10, and they’ll end up as part of dinner (mashed like potatoes, they make a great side dish). They’ve got plenty for carving or decorating as well.

Photo: Pumpkin stands at Bearss Groves

I was there this morning, and their garden-grown squash selection was great! They had yellow and green zucchini…

Photo: Yellow zucchini at Bearss Groves

Photo: Green zucchini at Bearss Groves

…yellow squash…

Photo: Yellow squash at Bearss Groves

…8-ball zucchini, which you can stuff with all kinds of things

Photo: 8-ball zucchini at Bearss Groves

…and patty-pan squash (I got a couple pounds of these).

Photo: Patty-pan squash at Bearss Groves

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