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Voting for Trump is voting against the rule of law

Rome fell partly due to outside forces, but largely because of the rot from within. Tap to view at full size.

The Trump campaign may claim that they’re about law and order, but the evidence and their outright in-your-face criminality says otherwise. It’s only their collective incompetence that keeps them from being more dangerous and lawless. Voting for Trump is voting against the rule of law.

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Like any such compilation, the above chart of criminal activity by grifters in Trump’s circle is already out of date. It’s missing Brad Parscale, who was campaign manager until the Trump rally in Tulsa, a flop so spectacular that it has its own Wikipedia entry. It also proved to be expensive not just in a financial sense, but in terms of people infected and lives lost (including Herman Cain’s).

Photo: Still photos of a drunk and shirtless Brad Parscale getting tackled and arrested.

Last month, a shirtless and slurring Parscale got “Baker Acted” (a very Florida term for being detained because you’re going to hurt yourself or others) after barricading himself in his house with a loaded gun. The police managed to coax him outside, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate how you tackle and arrest an extremely tall person (Parscale’s height is 6’8″ / 203 cm). It’s all documented in this video:

If you’re eligible to vote, you have a civic duty to vote Trump and his band of looting hangers-on out. They are the true threat to law and order.

But don’t take my word for it — take if from actual lawyer Devin Stone, whom you might know better as YouTube’s own Legal Eagle, who makes the case that:

A vote for President Trump is a vote that says the law doesn’t matter.

It’s a vote that says it’s okay if the rich and powerful use the law unequally.

It’s a vote that says criminals will not be punished.

But that only happens if we allow it.

I still believe the law matters.

I still believe in equal protection.

I still believe in justice.

And I hope that you do too.

And I hope that you consider the rule of law when you vote.

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