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Burned on the 4th of July (or: Your annual reminder about fireworks safety)

With most fireworks displayed canceled due to the pandemic, there will be more than the usual number of people lighting their own fireworks. If this is your plan, this safety announcement is for you!

Hand sanitizer and fireworks don’t mix

The pandemic complicates everything, including fireworks. In this case, it’s because COVID-19 means that we’re using more hand sanitizer than ever.

Hand sanitizer is at least 60% alcohol, which catches fire rather easily. Make sure your hands are dry before lighting fireworks, sparklers, and matches or lighters.

Alcohol (as in booze, not rubbing alcohol) and fireworks also don’t mix well

Do I even have to point this out?

Follow these safety guidelines

Here are some guides on using fireworks safely:

If you’re going to be dumb with fireworks, at least record a decent video so that I’ll have funny compilations to watch

Here are some moments showing fireworks gone wrong…

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