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Street Fighter 2020

Recently in San Diego, a racist picked a fight with an Asian man. It didn’t go well for the racist, as the photo above and video below show.

My favorite observation about this fight is this one on Twitter by @BCarniello:

He backed away from a pointless fight. He backed away some more. He kept backing away until he couldn’t anymore. Then he did what he had to do to defend himself. And even after he knocked the attacker out, he still tried to help him back up.

As a kid in grade school and high school, I lost every one of this type of fight. As an adult, armed with a better sense of self, started going to the gym regularly, and learned to fear this kind of thing less, I started winning — once with my accordion still strapped to my chest.

I’ve been in this guy’s shoes, and must confess that I’ve watched the video at least a dozen times in a row, cheering every damned timenot only for the coup de grace, but the grace he shows at the end by helping pick up his would-be assailant, a man who saw him as less than human. Do you think the racist would’ve done the same had he won?

Good on you, unknown Asian gentleman, for conducting yourself honorably in a difficult situation. Also: nice overhand right!

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From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

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