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If you need a reason to be FOR net neutrality, just look at who’s AGAINST it

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, chances are that you’ve seen a lot of arguments made by well-known, well-respected people in favor of net neutrality. I’m going to turn things around and show you who’s arguing against it.

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh — the kind of guy who believes so much in the sanctity of marriage that he’s done it himself four times — spends an hour and twelve minutes throwing in every wingnut conspiracy theory into the debate. I strongly recommend you skim through this broadcast instead of listening to the whole thing from start to finish, because it’ll only make you dumber.

Americans for Prosperity, a.k.a. the Koch Brothers

Three things you should know about Americans for Prosperity:

  1. They’re an astroturfing organization funded by the Koch Brothers.
  2. Politifact has never given an Americans for Prosperity statement a “true” rating. Most of the ratings they’ve given them are “mostly false”, “false”, and “pants on fire”.
  3. Despite being funded by two of the richest men in the world, they can’t make a video with better production values than one made by kids in their parents’ basement.


The people who brought you Steve Bannon, the alt-right, and today’s toxic discourse would also like to kill net neutrality.

Megyn Kelly during her FOX News years

During her time at FOX News, Megyn Kelly has claimed:

  1. People needed to stop trying to take the whiteness away from “historical figures” like Santa and Jesus (who in her mind, looks like the barista at a really good coffee shop, and not the way he probably looked).
  2. A 15-year-old black girl manhandled by a cop deserved some blame for being “no saint.”
  3. Getting hit with pepper spray by cops is no big deal because it’s just “a food product.”
  4. That people in Colorado can commit voter fraud simply by printing out their own ballots at home.
  5. Net neutrality is yet another way the then-Obama government is trying to take more control over your life.

Stefan Molyneux

You may not have heard of this guy — and you should be grateful. He’s a grown man who spent 42 minutes on a rant about the live-action Beauty and the Beast, a paladin in the incredibly pathetic MGTOW movement (short for Men Going Their Own Way, an offshoot of men’s rights activism that advocates male separatism), has a strange beef with physicists, gets along swimmingly well with some of the alt-right’s darlings, and was one of the first people that Google Manifestbro James Damore ran to after getting fired.

Guess what he thinks about net neutrality:

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