The best circumcision ad ever comes from the Philippines and features Wolverine!

“I’m the best at what I do, and what I do isn’t very nice.”
Click the photo to see the badassery at full size.

Sure, Japan may be known for its wacky TV ads, but when it comes to poster advertising, nobody beats my homeland, the Philippines, where they know that copyright and trademark violation is your best entertainment value!

The marketing genius who designed this poster clearly knows the target audience is the parents, and not the person being circumcised, because that audience says “Wolverine? Cool!” and not “Keep Wolverine away from my ding-ding!”

In case you were wondering:

  • The Dionisio M. Cornel Memorial Medical Center, for whom this ad was made, has a Facebook page. They have terrible reviews, and you may not want to get a circumcision done here.
  • The medical center in question is in Antipolo, which is 26 kilometers (16 miles) east of Manila, and where my great-grandfather, American immigrant to the Philippines James O’Hara, lived.
  • At the time of writing, 1,400 Philippine pesos is equivalent to US$27.90 or CAD$37.38.
  • The bottom of the poster translates as: “Cheap, still with a doctor, still at a hospital…this is where you get painless circumcision!”

I wonder if someone’s sent this pic to Hugh Jackman. He’ll get a laugh out of it.

Thanks to David J. Greenbaum for the find!

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