Florida man pretends to be Nickelback’s drummer to scam $25,000 worth of drum equipment

Florida drummer Lee Koenig, who also goes by the stage name “MR. WOOKY”.
Click the photo to see his Facebook page.

How low will you stoop to get free musical gear? Well, Lee Howard Koenig is a Florida Man, so he stooped low enough not just to order $25,000 worth of drum equipment and microphones using any old fake name, but under the name of Dan Adair, drummer for…Nickelback.

“Must…look…intense!” Nickelback’s photo on the front page of their site.

As my musician friend Jeff Kahl puts it, “Even the real drummer for Nickelback doesn’t openly admit it.”

That’s probably why when Koenig placed the order with an vendor in Vienna, Austria, as Nickelback’s drummer, they became suspicious, especially since the delivery address was in Port St. Lucie, Florida. I mean, c’mon we may be Florida, but we can at least proudly say that no one from Nickelback lives here.

Someone at the vendor contacted Nickelback’s representatives, who did some investigating of their own, and on Tuesday, the police executed a search warrant on Koenig’s house.

This isn’t Koenig’s first fraud. He pretended to collect money on behalf of the Indian Riverkeeper advocacy group, from which he managed to net $78,000 from well-meaning, unsuspecting donors.

I’ll close with some videos about why people feel the way they do about Nickelback:

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