When an alt-right troll unintentionally makes a case for a liberal future

This was tweeted yesterday by @polNewsNetwork1:

The twitter account’s name is a reference to /pol/, the “politically incorrect” section of 4chan, the message board for miscreants, and source of a lot of what’s poisoning internet culture, from GamerGate to alt-right memes to the current state of politics. The account pretty much is an echo of what you’ll find on /pol/, or any other place where you’ll find angry, disenfranchised, poorly-socialized (and mostly white) men who feel cheated out of a birthright they were promised by the dominant culture.

This reaction reminds me of a quip that I use to tease certain people:

Conservatism is the dread fear that somewhere, somehow, someone you think is your inferior is being treated as your equal.

In the photo, @polNewsNetwork1 sees the destruction of American society, but what I see is its ideal: people doing their own thing, in their own way, and somehow not trying to trample the other for being different.

I’m not the only one who interpreted the photo that way:

2 replies on “When an alt-right troll unintentionally makes a case for a liberal future”

You know what is a great way to undermine liberals? Show that muslims can live peacefully with taboos they find in the west WHILE showing how hum-drum everyday peaceful a perceived deviant is while permitting open religious identity and freedom.

This is like trying to demonize conservatives by showing an image of responsible gun ownership classrooms held at a baptist church. What kind of point are you trying to make?

“OH NO! I might stop and pause for a moment before getting back to my iPhone music playlist on this morning commute? The terror of it all!?”

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