Classified ad of the day: “The guy who slept with my girlfriend left his melodica here”

Click the photo to see the ad.

The melodica is a wind instrument for keyboard players. It looks like a small piano keyboard with a plastic tube attached to one end, and as a reed instrument, has a sound similar to the harmonica or accordion. If you’ve never heard one before, here’s “Human Jukebox” playing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on the melodica:

A man who lives near Toronto’s Leslieville neighborhood has a melodica made by Hohner (who also make decent harmonicas and accordions), and the ad he placed on Kijiji is a little bit sad and a little bit funny:

Some asshole from NYC came to town, slept with my girlfriend and left the most annoying instrument known to man (and/or woman – it’s 2017) at my house. Don’t ask.

So I want it gone. Much like him, the instrument is useless. But here I am letting my personal bias taint the beauty of this air-blown-key-thing known as the Melodica.

It’s got a nice colour design, which I think is pretty sharp – as well as a strap for your hand to keep it steady while you play. Kind of like how that two-timing discounted pair of yoga pants played me.

I digress.

Come grab it for $100 or best offer.

Also I’ll throw in a MacBook charger, because I’m a good guy.

Here’s the Macbook charger:

Click the photo to see the ad.

The melodica he’s selling is a Hohner AIRBOARD37, and you can get it brand new from Amazon for US$99.99 with free shipping. Asking $100 Canadian for a used one is a bit much, but the deal becomes sweeter with the 85W MacBook Pro MagSafe 2 power adapter, which will set you back US$75 at the Apple Store. I assume that the guy who slept with his girlfriend also left it there.

As I write this, the ad has had over 13,500 views. If you’re in the Toronto area and want a melodica with a free MacBook power adapter (or, if you prefer to think it this was, a MacBook power adapter with a free melodica thrown in), contact this guy now!

(And to the seller: Better luck with the next girlfriend, dude. I’ve been there.)

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