Everything you need to know about Trump’s base is in this reaction to the just-released video of Rob Ford smoking crack

im the ex deceased mayor

The video that is supposed to show deceased former mayor of Toronto Rob Ford smoking crack has never been seen by the general public — until today. Here’s an captioned version, which was put out by the CBC:

The video shows Toronto’s messed-up Pete Griffin-esque ex-mayor huffing rock and engaging in profanity-laden conversation with an off-camera Elena Basso (who has convictions for cocaine trafficking and prostitution), owner of the house where the crack-smoking took place. You’ll hear Elena praising Ford for what drives him, Ford’s great dislike for Justin Trudeau (who’s now Prime Minister of Canada), and inquiries about whether the whole thing is being recorded, and this CBC article has a full transcript of the entire hot mess.

The National Post’s Chris Selley writes that the video “elicits more sympathy than scorn”, but keep in mind that the Post endorsed Ford for mayor. The Toronto Sun, who were Ford’s most gleeful supporters, kept their trademark right-wing editorializing to a minimum in their coverage. And here’s the piece published by the Toronto Star, who were investigating Ford’s crack connection when Gawker revealed what was going on.

But the most telling reaction is the one on the I Hate the War on Mayor Rob Ford, the pro-Ford Facebook page that’s stayed active all this time:

rob ford facebook

Here’s the text from their posting in reaction to the news:

Here you go, Toronto. Are you happy now? Watch out. Karma is coming back on everyone who capitalized on this, for financial profit or political gain, or who used it to simply heap scorn on the regular average everyday people of Toronto who decided to reject the Liberal-left mafioso political professionals and elect a reformer to high office.

It’s obvious why this video was not released to the public during the time Rob was still in office and still running for Mayor in 2014 – it was far more valuable to the haters as a figment of people’s imaginations, than it was as actual damning evidence. It shows a man beaten down by circumstances, using drugs to mask his pains (physical and psychological), and expressing little more than sadness and depression as far as anyone can understand – sadness and depression that is entirely understandable to anyone with even a fragment of a human soul still remaining in their lives.

To hell with you all, haters, and God Bless Rob Ford, may he rest finally in peace. And to the “friends” who allowed this recording to happen? Nothing good can happen to you the rest of your life, as perhaps you’ve already found. Your every day is a living hell.

They don’t see a man who often showed up late for work and left early to coach football while earning a $170K salary, consorted with criminals, showed great disdain for Toronto’s LGBT community, drank on the job and made intoxicated public appearances, but a hero who stood up for “the little guy”.

And that’s how Trump’s supporters see their guy.

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The magnitude of power / responsibility scale from Mayor of Canada’s largest city to POTUS is what really scares me.

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