Yet another reason to live in Florida

We know that it’s the little niceties that make life better:

full bar available from 7 am

Photo by Erinn Day.

If I want a breakfast bourbon, then by damn, I’m gonna have me a breakfast bourbon.

englewood florida

Englewood, Florida.

The menu above is for Zeke’s Uptown Bar and Grill, located in a relaxed little town called Englewood, just south of Accordion Bay. Here’s what they have to say about themselves in the “Our Schtick” section of their website:

We cut our own meats, make our own sauces, use the highest quality ingredients and do our darndest to provide you with an exceptional value. We’re casual for sure, but we’re not a fast food service.

Our menu items are complex, all items are prepared fresh to order and take skill, love and some time to cook. We hope you will come to relax, take time to unwind with friends and enjoy the layers of flavor we will deliver to your table.

Remember, it’s Englewood — there’s nothing to rush to. The beach isn’t going anywhere and the fish will bite when they’re ready.Isn’t that one of the many reason’s we’ve picked this slow moving, friendly Old Florida village to call home?

I’m going to have to pay a visit to Zeke’s the next time I’m down their way, and by damn, I’m having me a nice breakfast drink.

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