Chart of the day: Lunar eclipse vs. solar eclipse vs. apocalypse

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Diagram: Lunar eclipse (earth between moon and sun), solar eclipse (moon between earth and sun), and apocalypse (sun between earth and moon)

Found via Enno Park.

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Is this original work? I saw a similar piece on Twitter done by @astrokatie Different glyphs to be sure but the same concept and idea.

if the moon is thatttt far from earth, then, moon will be not be in earth’s control anymore.. and, moon can never become the natural satellite anymore..

So f*cking what Scott! It’s a joke, I’m sure either Astrokatie either didn’t make it up or it’s the only original idea she’s ever had, hence being so overprotective over the concept!

In a world where originality is rare and the Internet tosses content creators’ names aside in favor of virulence and meme-ability, I think that when credit can be given, it should be. It takes a small effort and allows everyone to appreciate that an actual human being was responsible for an idea. It costs you nothing.

Yes, this was a re-imaged version of Katie’s tweet which either failed to credit her for the idea in the first place or the credit was omitted in subsequent shares.

You clearly stole this from Astrokatie. She did it way back in October and much better.

AstroKatie, aka Dr Katherine J Mack, is a cosmologist with 15 original publications, well cited in the professional literature. In academia, as in many other areas, attribution of sources is a matter of professional practice.

Well technically Katie was the original PUBLISHER of the joke. ( Not to take that away from her- I too thought of MTV, making proposals, setting up storyboards, even discussing it with my 5th grade teacher back in the ’70s. Just never got around to executing…)

Kudos to Katie for the idea, but the second visual is better. It adds some scale and color.

“Well cited in the professional literature” – she has an h-index of 9 (google scholar) which puts her on a par with most postdocs. Katie wasn’t even the inventer of the joke originally, Terry Johnson ( came up with the idea years before. It is a fun joke, but insisting on attribution any time it crops up on the internet is rediculous.

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