This Might be the First Breakup Recorded on Vine

never vine your arguments

This is either an example of a relationship ending amidst the worst smartphone etiquette or an incredibly inspired comedy skit, but it doesn’t matter because it’s high-larious. I’m impressed with the kind of stories you can tell with Vine videos, even with the 6-second limit:

Be warned if you turn on the sound: there’s swearing. You might want to throw on some headphones if you’re at work or around the young’uns.

If you can’t turn on the sound right now, the guy’s soon-to-be-former girlfriend is saying: “You liked her fucking picture on Instagram, you followed her on Instagram…are you fucking Vining?”, after which she delivers a much-deserved smack to the back of his head.

Following or “liking” some other girl’s photo on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media site may not be cheating, but it’s a bad idea to exacerbate a situation by recording it. This may sound strange coming from a guy whose bread and butter is mobile devices, but sometimes you have to put down the damned phone.

The video has been duplicated on YouTube by the curators of The Vinest, who collect the best Vines:

Thanks to Samantha B. Clarkzilla for the find!