Spider-Man on 1970s TV

The 1977/78 Spider-Man TV series may have not had the best writing, acting, effects or costume, but it did have one funk-tastic theme:

If you’re curious and looking to kill an hour or two today, here’s something: the 1977 pilot for the series, complete with their take on the “bitten by a radioactive spider” origin of our hero:

Weird as this all may have seemed, it was out-weirded by the Japanese version (they somehow got a licence from Marvel Comics), who added a giant robot to the mix:

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And before that was the 1967-1970 Spider-Man animated TV series (so the very first actor to play the role of Peter Parker was Accordion City’s own Paul Soles). While the theme music wasn’t terribly impressive (okay writing but pedestrian production), the Ramones did a version of it, commissioned for this album (I have a copy):'_Greatest_Hits . This video version was also made so here you go, a nice counterpoint to the funky 1970s theme: .

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