Dating Lesson #1: Don’t Be a Creep

John Scalzi, who’s one of the leaders of geekdom as the president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, wrote a great introductory guide for geeks and fedora-wearers on how not to be a creep. Even if you’re the most charming, socially-savvy, scintillatingly conversant accordion player out there, it’s a worthwhile read.

Scalzi admits that his guide is incomplete. Let me add one more pointer to his guide: If you must have a full-size anime girl body pillow, please, please please leave it at home. Don’t be like the guys in the photos below (I’ve blocked out their faces, because I want to be kind).

anime body pillow 1

The older gentleman on the left may not be creeped out, but he’s certainly unimpressed.
Click to see at full size.

anime body pillow 2

“Yes…these pillows will show those girls how sensitive and attentive to their needs we can be.”
Click to see at full size.

anime body pillow 3

What better way to soften a parachute landing than an anime girl pillow bound to your crotch?
Click to see at full size.

5 replies on “Dating Lesson #1: Don’t Be a Creep”

Re: a comment in the fedora article.

I did know someone who would get pissed when a girl wouldn’t like him, because hey, he was a nice guy, so wtf is her problem. Still single I think (because everyone else has a problem, IIRC).

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