Dating Lesson #2: REALLY, I Mean It: Don’t Be a Creep! (or: Live Rent-Free in This Guy’s Apartment If You Share the Bed)

Continuing the theme from yesterday’s article…

My friend Wil McLean (“Half Korean, half scot, all fun”) pointed me to this ad in Craigslist Toronto:

creepy craigslist ad

The text reads:

Looking for nice quiet and mature roommate

This is bachelor apt close to yonge subway in the high rise building


The rent is $0 / month included internet + utilities

*****Rent will be FREE for open minded lady

About me:–working professional 33 old asian GUY

Perfect for ASIAN working lady or student to save some money

The rent — $100/month for an apartment right by the subway on Accordion City’s main north/south street — is incredibly cheap, and it becomes even cheaper if you’re an “open minded lady”. “Open-legged” may be more like it, seeing as the lucky tenant will be sharing this bed:

shared bed

A rather cozy arrangement, don’t you think?

Oddly enough, there’s no anime girl body pillow on the bed. Mind you, that’ll be the tenant’s role!

By charging practically no rent for a “shared bed” tenancy in his condo, this guy clearly isn’t looking to make some money or reduce his cost of living. Without knowing more about this guy other than his being a 33 year-old Asian professional, the only things we really can ratiocinate are:

I sympathize with the guy’s case, but I think his approach isn’t all that novel (open a “private browsing” or “incognito” browser window and search for “Mike’s Apartment”) and comes off as rather creepy.

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