The Dog Whisperer and the Elf

Joey deVilla with his accordion, posing with Rannie Turingan dressed as an elf. In the background, Sean Carruthers looks on.

Cesar Millan, the Dog WhispererHere’s a photo of me and Rannie Turingan doing the Ford C-MAX video shoot yesterday as videographer Sean Carruthers (who worked with me on Developer Jr.) looks on. I have two observations:

  • I think Rannie should dress up as an elf all the time.
  • I am slowly turning into The Dog Whisperer.

More photos from this outing later!


Patrick Stewart Drunk Sounds Like Michael Caine Sober

Daniel and Patrick Stewart, posing with cues beside a billiards table

I stumbled across a video last night featuring an interview of Sir Patrick “Captain Jean-Luc Picard / Professor Charles Xavier” Stewart, in which he provides an after-the-fact review of a game of pool that he won against his son, Daniel. Daniel has a couple of amusing shots of his dad on his Twitter account:

Patrick Stewart playing snooker

He’s had a few drinks and he’s affecting the accent of a working class guy, complete with expressions like “ennit?” (for “isn’t it?”). Among other things, he talks about going to Florida, my new home-away-from-home in the new year, where Jeb Bush has challenged him to a “pool-off”.

The video’s quite amusing — be sure to watch it:


What I’m Doing Today

I wish I was going to be doing this…

Photo: Santa on a motorbike, popping a wheelie

But I’m quite certain that I’d turn myself into road pizza rather quickly. What I’m doing today will be more like this…

Illustration: Santa driving a Ford sled

Seeing as there’s no snow on the ground as it’s going to be unseasonably warm, this might be a better way of getting around:

Photo: Ford C-MAX Energi

The vehicle pictured above is a Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid car, and Ford have invited me to take it for a spin around town today while they shoot pictures and video of me behind the wheel, driving about, telling stories and cracking wise.

Along with me for the ride to document the event will be Rannie “Photojunkie” Turingan:

And we’ll be zipping about The Danforth, where we’ll try out the C-MAX Energi’s features, participate in some holiday merriment and even do something for a good cause…

Danforth Avenue sign

Pictures, video and story to follow!


Santa as You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Santa faces off against the Easter Bunny in a 'Kumite'.

Oh, it’s on, Bunny. It’s. On.

It’s December, which means it’s time to start making regular visits to the “Santa, NO!” Tumblr, the home of regrettable Santa pictures. Some of these may not be safe for work or your mental health, but I can’t help it: I need to look into that Santa abyss!

Railroad tracks, with hand holding photo of Santa lying dead across railroad tracks.

Santa snitched.

Santa and a whole pile of bud

Here’s what the good boys and girls in Colorado and Washington State are getting this year.

Santa lying face down in the background; blood-covered woman holding shovel in the foreground.

“Don’t you judge me and put me on the naughty list,” huffed Becky as she battered Santa with the snow shovel she named “Vengeance”. “You don’t know my life!”

Santa wearing a filter mask and holding a drill, looking menacing

This is how young kids picture Santa when they’re made to sit on his lap at the mall.


Professor Elemental’s New Video: “I’m British!”

I’d like to dedicate this newly-released video — I’m British, by super-genteel hip-hopper Professor Elemental — to my stiff-upper-lipped friends such as Ewan Sinclair, David Underwood, Alice Taylor, Vinney, as well as honourary Brit Hilary Robinson.

It’s perfect for today here in Accordion City: looking out my window at the grey sky, my first thought was “It’s perfectly Grange Hill out there.”