Patrick Stewart Drunk Sounds Like Michael Caine Sober

Daniel and Patrick Stewart, posing with cues beside a billiards table

I stumbled across a video last night featuring an interview of Sir Patrick “Captain Jean-Luc Picard / Professor Charles Xavier” Stewart, in which he provides an after-the-fact review of a game of pool that he won against his son, Daniel. Daniel has a couple of amusing shots of his dad on his Twitter account:

Patrick Stewart playing snooker

He’s had a few drinks and he’s affecting the accent of a working class guy, complete with expressions like “ennit?” (for “isn’t it?”). Among other things, he talks about going to Florida, my new home-away-from-home in the new year, where Jeb Bush has challenged him to a “pool-off”.

The video’s quite amusing — be sure to watch it:

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I wouldn’t call that accent affected — not 100%, really. He did grow up in Yorkshire, not middle class at all, and worked hard for a couple of years as an actor to use the RADA/received pronunciation accent. I suspect that it’s easy enough to slip back into some form of your original accent when you’re drunk.

That said, he may be playing up the blokiness a bit, but it’s probably not that far from the way he spoke as a kid.

(BTW, have you checked the load time of your home page lately? It’s excruciatingly slow in both Firefox and Chrome for me, cached or not, NoScript running or not. I think this goes back to your most recent design change, as your older versions with as many images always loaded promptly.)

Very entertaining! I like your blog.
FWIW load time here on Safari 6.0.2 was fine. (OSX 10.7.5 over cable)
All the best,
Another synthesizer guy

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