Justin Bieber Duct Tape: One of the Signs of the End Times

Holy crap, it’s real. Duck Tape, makers of that ever-so-handy duct tape (a.k.a. “Gaffer tape”), have made a version with pictures of Justin Bieber all over it. If you’re moving, a handyman, a musician or into bondage and are looking for a change from the plain ol’ grey variety, this might be for you!

Here’s a video report from a young, incredulous duct tape shopper:

2 replies on “Justin Bieber Duct Tape: One of the Signs of the End Times”

Duct tap and Gaffer’s tape actually aren’t the same. The adhesive for duct tape hasn’t been designed in a way to prevent an adhesive residue from being left behind. Gaffer’s tape on the other hand is made such that you can tape stuff down without worrying about damaging whatever it’s attached to.

The things you learn from having a partner in Broadcasting 😛

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