The Windows Live Royal Tea

Joey deVilla, dressed for tea.

Yesterday’s Windows Live Royal Wedding-themed afternoon tea was a hit. The Windsor Arms Hotel has a lovely tea room, a fantastic selection of teas and some very, very addictive scones. Toronto’s lady bloggers and social media mavens, who are excellent company on any day, were doubly so yesterday afternoon. Many of them got into the spirit of the event by dressing up for the event and even wearing tea-worthy hats:

Ruth Morton, Christine Estima and Krista

For those who don’t have hats, the tea room at the Windsor Arms provides a nice selection from which you can borrow; they ask that you donate $5 to an AIDS charity if you wear one for a photograph:

The hat rack at Windsor Arms Hotel's tea room

Here’s my tech evangelist teammate Ruth Morton modelling her new dress and hat – looking sharp, Ruth!

Ruth Morton in her new hat and dress

There was a lot of lively chatter and laughter in the room:





…and let’s not forget my favourite part of afternoon tea: the triple-decker thingy with the food on it:


Since the triple decker food thingies were so gorgeous and since this was a social media gathering, everyone had to snap a picture of them as soon as they arrived:


Global TV were there to get some quick coverage of the event:


After tea and snacks came presentation time. Ruth did the opening presentation, showing off some Windows Live goodies:


I think the hit of the presentation was Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011, and in particular, the “Photo Fuse” feature, which helps you fix photos where someone’s blinking, looking the wrong way or any other such thing by letting you assemble the best photo from a series of photos.

Afterwards, I did my presentation, where I showed off OneNote, Office Live and Bing’s uncanny ability to find embarrassing Kate Middleton photos:

disco kate middleton

(There are photos of Yours Truly floating about online that are far, far more embarrassing.)

Here’s Ruth, rocking her demo:


…and she was also available after the demos to answer questions and provide a little one-on-one help. That’s what great tech evangelists do!


The formal part of the tea ended with Jen from She Does the City thanking everyone:


And then it was photo time.



Krista, Joey deVilla and Ruth Morton

Attention Dell Canada! You know who’d be a good spokesmodel for the Inspiron Duo, and who needs a new computer (hers is on its last legs)? Raymi the Minx. She’s widely read, gets lots of hits, and hey, if these photos of her with the Duo don’t get your motor revved, you’re dead inside:


Give us laptop mode, Raymi!


Now table mode!


Now sultry mode!


I’m not kidding, Dell. Hook Raymi up with a Duo and she’ll be your best spokesmodel ever.

We had some prizes to give away. The problem: it was impossible to stump our guests with trivia about the royal couple; they knew far more than we did:


In the end, we had to resort to “Who’s birthday is coming up?” and “Who’s engaged?”

Here are a couple of prize winners, Raymi and Casie Stewart, with their booty:


All in all, a fun event – perfect for my last appearance as a Microsoft developer evangelist. My thanks to She Does the City and High Road Communications for inviting me!

Joey deVilla, at the entrance to the Windsor Arms' tea room

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What a wonderful post. I enjoyed your writing style and of course the wonderful pictures you took of the event and our wonderful tea room.

Christine Korda
Director Communications & Special Events
Windsor Arms Hotel
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