How to Reach Me

Dialing "5639" on a phone keypad

In addition to my temporary change of address this summer (I’m going to be in Ottawa from May 1st through the end of August – here’s why), there will be a couple of changes in the ways I can be reached:

  • My old work email,, will be deactivated this week.
  • My old phone number, (416) 948-6447, will be similarly shut down.

Want to reach me? Here are the ways that’ll work:

  • My personal email,, works just fine.
  • I’m still @AccordionGuy on Twitter.
  • My new mobile number is (647) 985-JOEY (and “JOEY” is “5639”).
  • I’ll publish my new work email (probably or something like that) as soon as it’s enabled. / (64) 985-JOEY (5639)

This article also appears in Global Nerdy.

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