The Best TV Ad Ever?

How’d I miss this gem — a TV ad for Cullman Liquidation, who sell mobile housing?

This line from the ad is pure bad-ass:

A bouncer in Birmingham hit me in the face with a crescent wrench five times and my wife’s boyfriend broke my jaw with a fence post. So if you don’t buy a trailer from me, it ain’t gonna hurt my feelings. So come on down to Cullman Liquidation and get yourself a home. Or don’t. I don’t care.

Celebrated film director Errol Morris calls this – and apparently without irony — “the best commercial ever made” and says “I should be so lucky as to achieve this level of excellence.”

The ad became a big YouTube hit, requiring Cullman’s saleswoman to make this video:

2 replies on “The Best TV Ad Ever?”

It evokes the great EDS Cat Herder commercial, especially with the cat sound effect and the music. When he wipes his face and talks about the crescent wrench it’s so much like a moment in the EDS commercial when the cowboy points to a scar on his face it feels like a quote.

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