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Scenes from Last Night’s Bombay Sapphire Rooftop Party

A little life hint: if someone invites you to a rooftop party where a celebrity chef is cooking and they’re serving gin, always RSVP with “yes”.

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The party was a Bombay Sapphire promotional event featuring Food Network Canada chef Rob Rainford, who cooked some delicious dishes using gin as an ingredient. Co-presenting with him was Merlin Griffiths, Bombay Sapphire’s “Global Brand Ambassador”.

When this computer fad blows over, I think I’ll become a brand ambassador for a liquor company – it looks like fun!

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These photos feature Yours Truly shaking up a “Southside”, which is essentially a mojito made with gin instead of rum, and it’s pretty nice.

There are more photos, including Rob Rainford cooking delicious dishes on my Flickr set of the event.

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If you want to try out the recipes we were shown, they’re posted here.

5 replies on “Scenes from Last Night’s Bombay Sapphire Rooftop Party”

Maria: It was a promotional event for Bombay Sapphire to which bloggers and other social media types — particularly those who blogged about food, drinks, parties or general bon vivant-dom — were invited. This sort of event is held in the hopes that at least some of them will have a good enough time to blog, tweet or otherwise talk about the product of service, thereby taking advantage of their “word of mouth” power. I had great fun at the event, and hence I’m blogging it.

Argh, and I have a food blog. They could have called me! Ah well, probably all full of cheese and milk anyway, and no garlic. Right? right?

Maria: Rob Rainford’s oft-used line on his show, Licence to Grill, is “Robbie don’t cook without garlic!”

Let’s get you introduced to some of the local PR people so they know who you are and invite you to foodie events. I usually do a couple of them a year.

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