Bacon Pancakes!

This looks like a pretty nice way to start the day…

Pancakes made by pouring batter onto frying bacon

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I thought it was going to be disgusting – upon reading the title. . . but it doesn’t actually look unappetizing! I wonder if they are tasty?

Oh my! My husband will HAVE TO HAVE these! Yes…yes, he’s getting out the bacon and pan right now!

My only suggestion would be to cut up the bacon into 1″ squares before frying, then people won’t need to vigorously cut before eating.


Love the retro photo from the cookbook, but I also make bacon waffles, super neat as well…. old fashioned square waffle iron that makes four waffles, then place bacon inside – let cook 3 minutes, then add batter – coolest thing is that bacon has the creases just like the waffle has…

great post, thanks for sharing!

@Phil E. Drifter

I disagree, these would be best eaten on the go in my opinion, or perhaps dipped in syrup and eaten by hand.

I’m a Veg so the whole bacon thing is a no no. But i could add a cool substitute instead. YUMMY!

They are best dipped into melted chocolate. They sell a bacon chocolate waffle at Mon Ami Gabi in Vegas. Its to die for.

I’m goin to the barn and pick me out a nice fat pig.
I’m goin to grind my flour.
I’m goin to rob the chickens of their eggs.
I’m goin to make this.
I’m goin to die!

Phil E. Drifter June 6, 2010 at 4:24 pm

My only suggestion would be to cut up the bacon into 1″ squares before frying, then people won’t need to vigorously cut before eating.


cut? just pick the thing up and stick it in your mouth!

Oh wow! i would have never thought about doing this in a million years and it looks so awesome!

I don’t understand this false fascination with bacon!!! FALSE!!! LIES!!!!!!!1111oneonewon!

Even when I was a vegan, bacon called to me…

Just enough flap jack to do the trick, why fill up on batter? Leaves more room for Mr. Pig.

Wasn’t hungry but now I am…and not just hungry hungry for THAT…and I can’t cook/well unless it’s supposed to be burnt

I never thought of doing them up as finger food like that – looks good. But when I was a kid, I often diced up bacon before cooking it, then mixed with batter to make bacon pancakes. Either way, if you haven’t tried something like this, you’re really missing out. Yum!

PS – Great photo – whole thing looks retro.

I have to try this. I make bacon pancakes by crumbling cooked bacon into the pancake batter – but this looks much nicer and I’ll bet the kids would like to pick it up and dip it into the syrup – also make bacon stuffed french toast which is amazing –

Ingenious idea! Unfortunately a) I’m vegetarian (but could easily substitute fake-bacon if not for b,) and b) that childhood incident involving soggy pancake airplane food…

However! The boyfriend will go approximately bonkers for this! I will definitely surprise him with it one day. I’d share now, but he’s already planning on attempting that 2000 calorie milkshake WITH the bacon AND cookies. *facepalm* So I really don’t want to give him any more ideas, but after he gets over that I’ll whip up a batch of these for sure 😛

Well, that’s just brilliant! I’m going to make those, and then with sausage.

to Liz… there is NO cool substitute for bacon!
Youtube search: Jim Gaffigan – Bacon

delicious… chrissy i think your vibrator needs new batterys mind your own business

i work at steak n shake i cant wait to get to my grill and try this omg im in love lol

How about crunch up the bacon and toss it on top like blueberry pancakes..this does look great though..

My wife and I butchered out first pig three days ago. We are gonna really enjoy this with the bacon meat from our kill. To all the Vegs – you do understand that pork has fed Europe for a million years. They are in better shape than fat-asses like Americans.

First of all, just because people like bacon does not mean they’re fat asses. No, it isn’t exactly the healthiest food on the planet, but if you don’t eat it constantly for every single meal it’s not going to kill you. Second, if this isn’t something you want to be eating or making for someone else then why are you even coming onto this page and commenting and saying how fat everyone else is?! If we wanna eat bacon and take on any health risks that come along with it , then we will eat ourselves some yummy, salty, fatty, crispy goodness.

Thank god someone came in and said something! This is exactly WHY americans are fat, stupid, and widely hated. as an american, i am both disgusted and embarrassed.

how does this make anyone stupid? its a great idea, how do you think sandwiches were created.

Actually Veronica while that may explain why Americans are fat,.. what makes Americans hated is the fact that they founded their country based on religious freedom and then once established pushed the belief that Jesus ( a jew from the middle east) somehow only cares about the USA and wants his people there to rule the world and that somehow that entitles them to force those beliefs (and the politcs that it controls) on every other part of the globe. We don’t hate “Americans” we hate “Stupid Americans” just like we hate “Stupid French”, “Stupid Africans” etc.. etc..

If you don’t get THAT as being the reason,….well you might want to think about that a little more then.


You must not travel very much as almost every single country has just as many over the top food creations. (they just don’t go making internet posts about them all day)

Veronica, you are a horrible, unpatriotic person. I’m thrilled to see I wasn’t the first one to think of this! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Ok so im not American so the whole”stereotype” does not apply to me. but What the hell is with you people? Almost everyone has at least once had pancakes with bacon(probably with other stuff also) and nobody says a fucking thing. NSo someone makes an idea thats straight up convenient and all of the sudden everyones a fucking health nut critic. Honestly if you dont like it, shut the fuck and go eat an orange. Chances are you’re just a dumb hypocrite anyways. That being said, this is a sweet idea for people that aren’t little bitches. The rest of you can fuck right off lol

“This is exactly WHY americans are fat, stupid, and widely hated.”

‘Cept y’know, there are plenty of places in Europe and other locations that have far worse obesity issues than America does. So I suppose that makes you a trophy example for the Stupid category, Veronica.

I am Canadian and I don’t hate Americans…….per capita we have just as many fat and stupid people………it has nothing to do with what you eat if you are hated by the rest of the world. This is a wonderful idea I think I will try it for breakfast this morning!

settle down veronica, bacon pancakes may make one a bit fatter without restraint, but they certainly don’t make you stupid and widely hated, your comment on the other hand…

This really isn’t anything odd or new. Savoury pancakes have been around for ages. I prefer them to sweet pancakes any day, although admittedly never for breakfast. 🙂

@ Veronica
So it is safe to assume that since you are an American that you are fat, stupid and widely hated right? If your so disgusted then come up with healthy alternatives for breakfast and jump on a treadmill. If people want to eat bacon pancakes then let them, that’s their prerogative, Just as so since your fat and stupid, you go right on ahead girl, more power to you!

Hahahaha…THIS is why we are hated????

Family fued style…number one response for America haters around the globe when asked what is the main reason you hate America…….

….bacon pancakes…

Real number one reason…because of dumb asses like Veronica :O)

These are now the most politicized pancakes I’ve ever seen! Can we not put our nationalist differences aside long enough to just make a drooling yummy-face at the nice picture? WE ARE MISSING THE PART WITH THE PANCAKES, GUYS.

Well done, Veronica. You’re just the sort of close-minded bigot who makes people who are trying to lose weight feel like hell just for existing.
The fact that this recipe combines the flavorful oils in bacon with pancakes means that butter for the pancakes is made redundant. Bearing that in mind, having one or two of these would be slightly less unhealthy than the usually separated entree. The fact that pancakes and bacon is really only (or should be) a once-in-awhile treat, this recipe would presumably also be a meal eaten in moderation. This recipe is pretty clever and I can’t wait to try it out next time I host a Sunday brunch.

Seriously? People think American’s are fat and stupid because of Bacon Pancakes. I’m sure that’s the reason. Thank you for enlightening me.

Veronica, if you’re embarrassed to be a member of this country because of Bacon Pancakes, quite possible the greatest invention I’ve ever seen, then you should move to Iran. I hear it’s nice there.

Everything in moderation. If someone eats this every single morning, followed by a fattening lunch and heavy dinner, I can see how (*ahem*) apparently JUST Americans can get fat. As a proud American, however, I must say that an abundance of American’s would not do that! We can eat healthy with a few excessive exceptions here and there, the same as any other country.
Saying that we American’s are a certain way leans on the side of racism.
I am American.
am not fat.
I am in no way lazy.
There is not one person who knows me who would say that I was a stupid person.

Shame on you, Veronica.

“‘Cept y’know, there are plenty of places in Europe and other locations that have far worse obesity issues than America does”

Get your facts straight before you say dumb shit like that please

“‘Cept y’know, there are plenty of places in Europe and other locations that have far worse obesity issues than America does”

Get your facts straight before you say dumb shit like that please, ignorance is only bliss when you dont open your mouth without having any proper information

Actually, hated or not, the country from it’s original ideas was hated. All the crap Chronos is talking about is just icing on the cake.

But if you want to generalize, every country has something about it that either it’s citizens or people from outside their own country dislike (or stronger words can be used, egos are fragile *coughronos*

Fat, skinny, add any label, the person who hates has the weakness and problem, despite the problems they find in the other person, country, etc.

Perhaps every country, people, etc., somewhere think Jesus (or insert their God here) that they are the only ones the ‘great one’ cares for. The USA just advertises it.

Regardless of what country you live in or if you believe in God or not, whether your fat or skinny – these things look YUMMY!

I think we’re all agreed then: We love bacon and pancakes and Veronica is widely hated. And where America is hated, she is likely the cause.

Now I’m off to breakfast. . . waffles, bacon bits ( they’re held in the little holes quite nicely ) and maple syrup. . .

It’s the same thing as eating pancakes with a side of bacon! It’s all going to the same place anyways so how is this a big deal? I’d understand all the outrage if it was recommending to eat the hybrid WITH a side of bacon or something but it’s not.

I am Brit, my wife is American. I struggled for a long time to be in the US, I felt terribly vulnerable, for many reasons, guns, health only for the wealthy etc.
I had to rationalise what was making me so depressed being there, it was the same things that I hate about the UK, angry selfish people, violence and discrimination. Just that it was tolerable in the UK, I had set my life up to avoid it all. Now I was not on my turf and Americans don’t care about foreigners, so I had to learn how to be. The food was a big no no. There is 100’s times more choices in the US than the UK, but it is so unhealthy it is unreal. It is entertaining no doubt, very tasty and interesting, but so bad for you. Do remember Michelle Obama commented that 1 in 3 children in America are obese, that says something.

When I visited Poland, I was given bacon fat as a spread for bread. And in the Czech Republic I was offered a dumpling the size of my head smothered in butter. I hardly think a strip of bacon embedded in a pancake singles out America as a unique place for heart-stopping culinary delights.
With the oil spill I thought Brit bashing had surpassed America bashing (and then there was French bashing, Russia bashing … you’re nobody til somebody hates you). C’mon, catch up with the times.
Seriously, doesn’t it seem just a bit ridiculous to revile all the inhabitants of a country over the breakfast habits of a few?

I think this is a great idea. If you wish to make it healthier use turkey bacon cooked on a George Foreman grill(or other appliance that can help to remove the grease) and a whole wheat pancake batter. If you add some lowfat no sugar added syrup or fruit chunks this could be a great on the go breakfast. If you freeze the extras it can be a very quick portable breakfast.

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As an alien this is precisely why we raid your planet of its rotund humanoids (they are everywhere) salt cure them and eat them with blarp. It is a grain similar to one used in your Earth cakes of the pan. Humanoids make excellent porcine substitute, though some leave a bad after taste, and can give one the winds of Jupiter if not cured properly. Human, the other white meat. hehe

My commander thinks this Veronica is from Frank Zappa’s girl of the valley? OMG! Anyone? By the way who is this God unit anyway?

Funny everyone knows that this bacon and batter mix is much better in a waffle.. So now I suppose I am gonna have to get the waffle iron out, rape a maple tree , boil its internal fluids and apply it to said waffles, then make some pictures, post a blog showing how it is done all in hopes that I might get some abusive angry idiot to point out something ridiculous purely because of their feelings of inadequacy.

I suppose that Veronica won’t be back… Well at least until she receives her GED hehe Veronica ever thought of donating your body to an alien transport?

Oh and another thing, everyone knows you must pour the batter from the left away from you so that any scalding liquids do not splash onto your space suit!

For the record, being fat doesn’t mean being stupid.

Just to clarify for anyone who seems to think the two are innately paired.

i am the epitome of a fat, lazy american. and you can hate me all the fuck you want. this shit looks delicious and if my clogged arteries reach critical mass after eating these, i will die a happy, yet hated, american bitch!

Stumbled upon. At first I thought the picture was the coolest part, then I read the comments.

@Bob Bunny,
Your alien role play was by far the most entertaining thing I’ve seen all night. Loved it.

I hardly ever eat pancakes but when I do, I will be eating them with bacon fused in them.

Wow Veronica. You need to calm down. Some people like to enjoy their life once in a while, so they will eat a bacon pancake thing. Skinny people eat them too, not just fat people. If you don’t like America then get the fuck out. We don’t have any more room for whiny bitches who only know how to hate.

it may not be like a new idea but these sure are great, my mom and my grandmother used to make those when i was a little boy.
And to people who think this is why americans are fat, i’m from europe and i ain’t fat, neither is anyone in my family. fat people are either genetically imposed with a larger body mass and other fat people just eat too much. Eating these is extraordinarily tasty, just be modest in the amount you eat.

That is actually a traditional dinner in Norway. But the pancakes are bigger and there are 2 bacon strips per pancake usually. It is so amazingly good! Norwegians are generally not overweight and definitely not close to American standards of size or eating. No one eats this every day. But everyone should try it.

There are countless countries with higher obesity rates than the U.S… including in Europe. That the U.S. tops the list is simply yet another cliche tossed around by the ever so trendy America-bashing. The U.S. does lead the American continents I believe, but even that should hardly be surprising considering the economic, cultural, and ethnic make-up of the majority of the continents. Particularly when compounded by the ever increasing shift to jobs that do not require manual labor in the technological age in the U.S. and Canada while much of the countries south remain less industrialized, much less computerized.

Damn, those things right there look so delicious. I wish my old lady would wake me with some them. That is the perfect breakfast. They might even be able to improve on it by adding some Biscuits and Gravy.

Who really cares? Looks delicious to me and I’m an American who is anything but stupid. Food is food. Eat it. We’re all people just trying to live and enjoy life. Stop worrying about which country is fatter or who hates the other more. You’re truly ignorant if you can take a simple recipe such as this and turn it into hatred and bigotry.

NOTE: If you’re becoming overweight, don’t blame it on the food or the country you reside in, try doing a couple of laps or lifting some weights. If you work out frequently enough, you can eat what you want such as pancakes wrapped in delicious bacon.

How sad that a picture of bacon and pancakes can turn into a string of paranoid, racist rants on patriotism, anti-Semitism, Frank Zappa, aliens, and Hitler! I just wanted to Stumble Upon interesting food sites and instead I stumble upon a bunch of people so desperate for a real life, they use a food site as a pathetic cry for attention. What is this, the FOX Network?

Well said Emma. And what does having pancakes and bacon have to do with being “American”? As it’s been pointed out – other countries eat that as well. Some people need to loosen up and look at the glass half full, not half empty.

Anyway, great idea “bacon pancakes” – continue to keep life interesting!

This looks awesome! Why didn’t I think of this myself. I am so making this next weekend!

We have the luxury to eat this way so why not? I am a pretty healthy eater, but I am not opposed to splurging. This dish sounds like a blast. People hate Americans for many reasons, and while our unhealthy gluttonous habits are certainly one of them, it’s not the major one.

Also, for the record, unhealthy food is cheaper than healthy food. That’s why a lot of people eat crap. Why spend $10 on a healthy salad when you can get a meal from the McDonald’s dollar menu for $3? That’s the mentality of a lot of people.

I haven’t read all the comments, apologies if I’m being redundant.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA i stumbled across this and laughed so hard i cried for like fifteen- twenty minutes

Absolutely ridiculous. The comments, that is, not the pancakes. It’s funny how angry people get at other people, for simply ridiculous things. I have to say, though, it is entertaining to read how passionate people get about all of this.

Happy breakfasting to all, and to all a good night!

“Why spend $10 on a healthy salad when you can get a meal from the McDonald’s dollar menu for $3? That’s the mentality of a lot of people.”

hey genius! whether or not you are actually living in reality, there are an awful lot of people who cannot afford $10 for a salad. there are others who think $10 for a salad is ridiculously over-priced. remember: not everyone is a trust-fund baby or wealthy. your sanctimony is staggering!

This looks awesome, can’t wait to feed it to my grandkids…they’ll love it!

Gibbles McGuffins:
Have you ever picked up a book – one that doesn’t have pictures, that is? The US leads all industrialized nations in obesity. Yep, the US is a bunch of unapologetic, fat pigs.
I live in the US, but thankfully, came from elsewhere. I am so proud of my disdain for “American” “patriots”. Truth is, the most “patriotic” people in this country are the same ignorant drones who would sell their soul, along with their constitutional rights, to find a WMD that doesn’t exist.
FUSA! Oh, and before the more creative of you in cyberspace reply with the ever-clever “go back where you came from” line, allow me to preempt you: your thieving ancestors were from somewhere else once. But for them, it was okay to steal and kill to get what they wanted.
Lastly, US morons, why do you call yourselves Americans? That’s like the French laying claim to “European”. Canadians are American. Panamanians are American. Colombians, Brazilians, Chileans…all Americans. Oh, yeah, you want to take that too.

@Dr. Omniscient:
Hi, so I don’t know what the comment u are replying to was, but can I just say, you are being completely unfair. Yes, the US does have one of the highest obesity rates, but saying that we are “a bunch of unapologetic, fat pigs” is just wrong. stop stereotyping us. I’m not an unapologetic fat pig, almost everyone I know isn’t an unapologetic fat pig, its mean and untrue to make that claim.
Also, I am a strident liberal, but i do feel some loyalty towards my country, not everyone who feels loyalty to the US government is a mindless drone. In fact I have heard your opinion about America several times, voiced in slightly different ways. It seems to me that you have formed your own group of mindless, US hating drones.
I do think that a lot of what the US government has been doing lately, especially during the Bush administration, is terrible. But what the administration has done is not fully representative of what our country is, please do not judge as a whole based on those actions.
Finally, I don’t want you to “go back where you came from,” as you stated our ancestors were foreigners once, and this diversity is what helps to make the US special and strong. And I concede that many of our ancestors to kill and steel to get what they wanted, but that is not unique to the US. Evil exists all over the world, please, please do not make it a characteristic of us.

@Dr. Omniscient – should we call ourselves the United Statesers instead? Canadians are proud to be called Canadians, Mexicans are proud to be called Mexican so if they don’t have a problem with it why should you? Besides the island of Great Britian consists of the countries of England, Wales, and Scotland; however, only the people of England call themselves British. Do you have a problem with thier monopolization of the name or do you reserve these petty attacks for Americans… oh I’m sorry, to clarify when I say Americans I mean the citizens of the United States of America, I wouldn’t want to clump any South Americans in with this. 🙂

Dear Dr. Omniscient,

United States of America.


Says so right there in the name.

United States-ians? No. Americans? Yes.

If you’re so hung up about it, then petition to rename a country something like the United Kingdom of Europe.

funny… apparently im fat, stupid, and dont care about the rest of the world, all people from the UK have bad teeth, there is no educated person in Africa, dingos in Australia always eat babies… ect ect ect…. and your $10 healthy salad has sugar put on it to taste better, artificial flavorings in your dressing (that actually cancel out flavors as opposed to adding them), and if you charge me 10 dollars for a salad it had better be the best salad on earth… as for buttermilk bacon, how about you get some culture and try something new. Or is poor-black-southerner not a “good enough” culture for you… get off your high horses eat the bacon pancakes then try and tell me they are not delicious… bunch of self righteous jack asses round here

Hey Doc, you don’t like the U.S. then leave it. I agree we’re all spoiled and such but I have love for my country and if you don’t get the fuck out. I happen to be at a perfect body wait, some of us Americans know when to stop eating and these baconcakes look awesome.

“Dr”. Omniscient, what a complete load of misguided crap. It is spoken like true Euro Trash. Sure there are some very patriotic Americans. Why shouldn’t there be? Everyone is proud of their country. Well, besides the white liberal guilt portion of this country. I don’t try to lay claim to the accomplishments of the United States, but you should be damn thankful for them. It is the United States that ended 2 world wars and the cold war. You obviously left your third world country for a reason. The chance of doing better for yourself and your family. America welcomes you and helps you achieve those dreams. You don’t see a bunch of Americans floating a raft elsewhere, do you?
Sure America has an obesity problem but then again, I have traveled all over the world and I have seen fat people everywhere. On that note, if you want to pull out numbers, Americans also work the longest work week, which leads to some of the obesity. They also lead the world in government and private donations to other countries.
One last thing, Every country is built on land that once belonged to someone else. That is what has happened for 3000 years. It is called war. So don’t play the pseudo intellectual role. You didn’t do a good enough job. You did pry at Lola’s liberal guilt. America owes no apology to anyone. America also doesn’t expect you to thank them either. You’re too busy not living in your own country. Then again, I wouldn’t want to live there either

Seeing what has been going down so far, I couldn’t take resist partaking in this adventure of wordplay.

Dear Veronica and Dr. Omniscient (respectively):

Hello. My name is Adam. I am an American, born and raised in America. By Canadians. My direct family were all born in Canada and raised with their customs and such, and many learned customs from countries that our family came from just two generations ago. My grandparents were all from countries such as Germany, Poland, Hungary and the likes. Perhaps one favorite of everyone in my family is called Grebble, from Germany if I am correct. It is merely an extra-fatty doughnut which you roll in sugar before you eat. It is most likely the most unhealthy food I have ever had. American? No. Would you eat them? Yes. Would you have a hard time stopping at just one since they aren’t filling? Yes. Also because you are fat, ugly, and wildly hated, seeing as how you tried to pull out the only card you knew, the ones you are? Yes. Goodbye. I hope I sufficiently help to ruin your life just a bit more.

Hello, Doctor. I want you to see what I said about being American, raised with Canadian manners and customs and such because that is my family’s way. While we are officially Canadian, we stand up in supporting America in many of the things it does. We cannot vote, we cannot be a main part of the United State’s governmental system, and we cannot call ourselves true Americans. But questioning someones patriotism? That’s like going after the wives in the Mafia. Americans being Americans is the way a country is meant to be. There is no right or wrong so as to how to live one’s life here, because this is a country of free will and rights to all. No one it left behind. And short of being a serial killer or a necrophagist, (which I’m pretty sure a large portion of the country is not), you can be whoever the hell you want to be. I’m overweight. And I’m a damn happy man. Do you know why? Because I know that the people in this country will not judge me. If I go to Canada, I will not be judged. If I go to some country in Europe, I will not be judged. Except for the one out of probably twenty thousand people that is just like you: a mass of self-loathing and distrust. You hate everyone. Even your own family. All of them. It’s only the truth, I cannot tell a lie either.

I hope you two have great fucking lives. 🙂

As a very proud Australian I can’t help but agree with the vast majority of posters. Unless you’re a sad excuse for a person you have pride and love for your country. Even those on the extremes of the political spectrum (far left or right) only want change because they believe that what they want is best for their country.

Obesity is a world wide problem, during my travels to various places around the world it is only in the third world that I saw virtualy no fat people (hmmmmmm I wonder why) nothing at all to do with not being able to feed themselves properly at all, dare I suggest that being overweight is far less of a problem than being a rude ignorant person that talks down to others.

I think politicizing bacon pancakes is as moronic as hell. I frequently make bacon embedded waffles for my family, does that make me a fat lazy American?

I’m sorry that they didn’t have bacon pancakes where you grew up,
Dr. Omniscient. No wonder you’re such a jackass.

You may now stick these pancakes I’ve just made using Canadian bacon up your collective American jackasses. 😀

I’ll never understand why some people feel the need to turn a perfectly harmless blog-entry into a battle of some sorts in the comments.

Whatever. These things look ridiculously delicious.

Really?… what the hell is wrong with everyone on here. It’s a pancake bacon recipe and its denigrated into politics, name calling, etc…

Are you all nuts?…mmmm good idea add nuts to the bacon, pancake with real maple syrup

Oh yeah back to the crazies on here… now try to imagine yourself as a… i don’t know someone from England or Sri Lanka and you see this blog and you would naturally assume Americans are stupid and Angry.

Good luck to you all… try to have more sex, more tolerance and eat whatever the fuck you want

Now that’s an idea… sex and bacon pancakes with maple syrup

Haha stumble upon is awesome, never know what your gonna see.

I think I’ll feed these to my pet pig, I just wont tell him that he’s eating his distant cousin.

To everyone on here who keeps bringing up the obesity thing… This recipe consists of bacon and pancake batter… Are you against a breakfast of pancakes with a side of bacon too, then? It is the SAME THING…. Seriously, happy the bacon strips aren’t smothered in batter and then deep-fried (which is also amazingly delicious, by the way). Also, to the Canadian who suggested putting Canadian bacon in the pancakes..that sounds wonderful too 🙂

And this type of food is definitely not exclusive to Americans..I’ve been all over the place and have found that people in countries around the world enjoy bacon just as we do eat up people, and stop being so damn dramatic about such silly things 🙂

This is some funny shit right here!

I will try them and love every minute! Life is too short to let someone else fire you up!

I absolutely loved the bacon/pancake idea. Currently, I’m working on a Ranch Cookbook, and I’d like to use this idea with an addition of chopped Green chili in the pancake mix! Not jalepeno, but the long, roasted, beautiful Anahiem’s. It would be a pancake spin on a breakfast burrito. MMmmmmmmmm! I can taste it now. Many thanks for the idea!

Whaaaaat? Bacon Pancakes elevated to a political debate? Please, people.
They look and taste divine. Period. Move on with your life.

Wow.. So I Stumbled Upon this, and after seeing the picture of this DEEELICIOUS baconcakes, I read the comments, and I see a huge discussion about the US and Europe and who’s worse and who’s obese? Seriously? How the heck did that fight end up on THIS point when the post is about BACONCAKES?
ONLINE? Seriously, is this what THE WORLD (Not just America, but THE ENTIRE WORLD) has succumbed to? Wasting their time fighting over something like this?
Yah, I am wasting my time, cause my class starts in an hour and a half.
Seriously, fighting online won’t get you anywhere. Everyone has their different points of views. America has good things and bad things. They’re overweight and yet they throw that “thin” is “in”, but there are good people all over. Ignorants, too. Just like in Europe. There are fat people, thin people, nice people, and asses. It’s part of being human.
Please, just stop the fighting, get over yourselves, and continue on.

In the interest of whirled peas, may I suggest that everyone:
1) make pancake batter,
2) heat griddle,
3) pour batter into amusing, convenient shapes,
4) embed the unusual, but strangely compelling ingredient of your choice,
5) flip,
6) when cooked to desired doneness, serve to all who hover impatiently,
7) apply favorite accoutrements,
8) consume,
9) receive accolades from family and friends,
10) post recipe online,
11) discover, via the ensuing comments, that there is no intelligent life on this planet, but that there are many folks who either equate the actions of the carnivorous with genocide or masturbate with their respective country’s flag and use everyone else as their ‘sock’,
12) despair.

You guys are actually fighting about stereotypes about different nations?
Thats the most idiotic thing ever… Garenteed americans started it tho. those fat ass, self centered, egotistic, canadian wannabe losers think they are just awesome when everyone in the world pities them. They are like the fat ugly bully on the playground who thinks they are liked when they really have no one to hang out with at all…

What are we supposed to call ourselves, if not Americans? United States of Americans? That comment is just stupid. Americans cannot control the name our forefathers chose for our nation, and no one cares to try and stop the 200-year-old tradition of truncating the name of its people. There are so many better things over which to be upset with Americans than semantics.

Yankee will do I suppose, I know a fat and a thin Yankee an they both love bacon and hate narrow minded people.

This is a fantastic recipe. I tried it over the weekend and it turned out perfectly – with any recipe like this though, I am always careful to make sure not to overcook. My oven is a bit on the older side and that can lead me to problems if I don’t keep an eye on things!

Dr. Omniscient,
I will not introduce myself, due to unnecessary need. You may be one of a different race, and maybe even one of a different mind-set; that of the “American” dream. Your futile procedures to eradicate american behavior is, by golly, shameful to every race. This is due to the facts stated by later comments. To bring up such uncalled for arguments over bacon pancakes show that you feel you are the all powerful, and indeed may be compared to many. American has brought hopes and dreams to people that may argue against your cause and crushed hopes and dreams because of its provocative government. But to criticize a foreign country, that being native to I, is displeasing to the people it has helped to succeed, embellish, and accommodate visualizes the urgency of your “re” reasoning. Our currency is higher than that of a majority of countries, and our working standpoint of lesser pain (especially that of women and children). You, my unknown enemy, have started a discussion that many have tried to conclude with an iridescent tone is impossible and furtherly unacknowledgable to the sane. Going back to your hometown will only cause damage to yourself, for America is a land of opportunity and sacrifice. Not liking America is legal; criticizing America is legal; but to harm or be harmed to/by America is illegal by inhumanity. Take a look at your accomplishments of being a “doctor” and further your ancestory as you recently stated and prove to America that their “unapologetic fat pig”-like nature has had no impact to your life being as grnad as it can be.


I’m British, and it says British on my passport, so I live in England but I’m British, you can get both British and English passports, saying they’re american is fine, I don’t think many people mind it, besides I often call French/German/Continental European friends European, it’s just what they are.. They are French, they are also European… Although call an English person European and they MAY frown oddly, a lot of us don’t identify ourselves as European, merely British.
Finally, what does your comment have to do with Bacon or Pancakes, and I think this as a meal would make me sick, too much fat, too much salt eurgh..

Spanky, this would be awesome with candied bacon rolled in nuts. Nummy!

Candied bacon with nuts
1/2 slab bacon-thick cut is my personal fav.
1/2c brown sugar
1/2c chopped nuts-I like peanuts or cashews for this recipe

Cook 1/2 slab of bacon in 2 batches until brown on edges, but still flexible, flipping once during cooking. Approx. 5-6mins total cooking time. Set on paper towels to drain excess fat.

Clean pan and add bacon in single layer. Sprinkle sugar over bacon and cook on low until sugar dissolves, caramelizes and coats bacon. Turn occasionally with tongs. When done, bacon will look dark and lacquered. Transfer bacon to dish fill with chopped nuts, turn once to coat both sides. Allow to cool for 15mins and enjoy-or make into baconcakes.

wow people fighting on a pancake page, we are more than ready for WW3 HAhaHA …my plan is on it’s way…dump the dumbs!

Dr. Doom

How did bacon pancakes turn into America bashing! I agree with those who said comparatively, it is the best place in the world to live. We have alot of problems to solve but a little bacon (little) is a pleasure! Just leave it at that! I’m gonna try them!!!! Also I am at a perfect body weight! I will have one!

Bacon Pancakes originally are from Holland , It’s not American food It’s Dutch food
so all the angry people can go on and on about whats wrong with them for awhile
suck on that XD

Yummy … similar to one I put together in my sandwich maker – fully cooked bacon haves in each triangle, homemade (optional) waffle batter (flavor of choice – our fave is apple cinnamon with REAL apple chunks!) spooned over that and top the whole thing with an egg – spray with Pam and close the lid – 3 – 4 min’s and Voila! Topped with homemade maple syrup … all-in-one breakfast in a jiff! Yummy!!

I am Dutch and can confirm this, although our pancakes and bacon are both different from yours. They’re more like crepes, and the bacon is thinner as wel..

I am in my 60’s and my mom used to make these for me when I was a little kid. I liked them best with melted cheese on them! YUM

The dutch created slavery too so stop your bragging and lets all just eat

God made us all jus the way we are perfect big skinny just right hot heads calm and mello it’s who we are and how we act and this is a recipe not a debate if Americans are fat or grumpy that’s just not nice God said not to judge No need to worry about what one persons opinion is on here even though they dnt know everyone in American but God does he is the only one who truly matters so God Bless and may God be with you. And I would say this looks really yummy

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