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Disney Buys Marvel

Spider-Man, Wolverine and the cast of "High School Musical"

My spider-sense is tingling, and not in a good way: Disney is buying Marvel Entertainment (yup, that Marvel, as in Spider-Man, the X-Men and so on) for $4 billion in stock, acquiring the rights to all their characters. Soon we’ll see the cast of High School Musical as the newest young mutants to join Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and a Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man and the Jonas Brothers.

I feel like this:

Peter Parker in an alley, walking away from the Spider-Man costume he just dumped in the trash

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12 replies on “Disney Buys Marvel”

Absolutely disheartening. Especially as an animator attending school at them moment- this is just excruciating in so many ways. I love Disney animations, but they have their place. And their place is certainly not on the same screen with the likes of the Joker and Batman. Absolutely not.

Joker and Batman are DC Comics, not Marvel. I’m not a hard core fan but even I know that.
You are looking for X-Men and Spiderman!
And yes this is disappointing! I hope Disney doesn’t screw this up.

Wait …what? Disney already has a short, occasionally psycho, mutant character with a “living weapon” military project background. (Okay, he’s an alien. but…)

On the other hand, think of the crossover possibility. Logan and Stitch’s X-cellent Adventure!

this is one the most bone headed moves marvel has done to date…..disney=lil kids
marvel= teens to adult

so much for any more good comic to screen conversion’s
all follow films will have mickey mouse playing the comic book heroes

Can I point out, that Disney isn’t just a ‘Childrens Organisation’?
Unbreakable, an M. Night creation (which was, by the way, toted by M. Night as a “comic book movie”) was released by Touchstone Pictures, a baby of it’s parent company, Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group. I would in no way endorse that as a movie made for children.
Disney doesn’t just make mickey mouse cartoons and stupid tweenage musicals, before the panic sets in, let’s all just be a little reasonable about the possibilities of where this could lead.

I don’t see the big deal. Disney owns Touchstone…and touchstone makes porn. A business is a business, and just because Disney picked up Marvel, does not mean they are going to bastardize a company they purchased because they think it can make them a profit.

The same thing happened when Disney picked up the rights to Princess Mononoke. Did a fluffed up “disney” sequel come of that? Nope. Doesn’t Disney own the rights to RCMP merchandise? I heard they did, and if they do, WHO CARES? Like any business, they’re going to put out quality shit to make the most bang for their buck. What is up with all the Disney hating?

This has a lot less to do with making cross-over movies as it does with raking in a serious amount of cashola with merchandise and licensing. That’s where Disney makes bank.

I was mad at first but then i thought why would they mix mickey mouse with the powers of spider man I think all the little kids would be like wtf (work time fun) mickey mouse is a spider now? I myself hope that Disney doesn’t screw this up! they better not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cuz who doesn’t like spider man, or superman, or the green lantern. Yes I like Disney characters too but I would hate to see kids learning new vocabularies they learned enough from their parents and playing M for mature games. this will epicly be a downfall for what were once amazing superheroes =**(

note on when i said the marvel comics i didn’t add them as Disney characters sorry for that I FORGOT to say they were marvel characters, i like goody and Pluto but what would expect from a dog owning person? anyway don’t FLIP OUT ON MY MISTAKE OKAY PEOPLE!

Wow this… is just really depressing. Like… horrible. Why the HELL would you do this Marvel?! You make plenty of revenue! Do you want to screw that over just for a little extra cash that Disney can provide? Ugh..

First casualty is the spectacular spiderman.. This is how a company operates.. something like money.. money.. money.. FUK disney.. I’m gonna screw that mouse logo to epic smitherines!!!

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