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FOX News Doesn’t Know Where Iraq Is

In a comment to an earlier article of mine showing FOX News’ tendency to mislabel badly-behaving Republicans as Democrats, “RODAN” pointed me to this map of the middle east shown on FOX News in segment where Neil Cavuto interviewed John Bolton on Monday – note the country marked “Egypt”:

FOX News' map of the middle east, putting Egypt where Iraq is.

The problem is: that’s not Egypt, that’s Iraq! Here’s a real map of the middle east:

Map picture

You’d think that with their obsessions with terror, Muslims and safeguarding the nation, not to mention the presence of a former representative to the U.N. present, they’d know where Iraq was.

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To be fair, Fox News doesn’t know where a lot of stuff is, including things located directly below their backs.

I have to give them some credit. It must be really hard to draw a map with your head up your ass.

Heh, as always, anything that’s outside the continental United States is a mystery to the average American. And FOX News is clearly below average. Therefore this result is unsurprising.

Here’s an example: Ask 100 Americans in which country they think the Tour de France finished. (And bonus points for the city.) And another: was it true that George W Bush had never been outside the US before being elected President? The mind boggles.

Come on, Alex! FOX News mis-labeling a map is sad, but anti-American racism is sadder. I know you mean well, but FOX does not speak for the majority of the American people by a long shot.

Fox news is upsetting. It’s easy to get carried away and paint it as representative of America, but realize it’s only representative of the people who voted in Bush. Twice. Unfortunately for the world, that was the majority. Twice.


At least things are getting better.

One could question a website that makes fun of something like that, but then still finds it necessary to place a real map below.

My guess is, they didn’t want to scare the shit out of their viewers by showing that Iraq was right in-between Israel/Syria/Jordan and Iran. Let’s replace it with, hmmm, Egypt! People love pyramids, and everyone know it’s a peaceful, democratic country. Also, let’s not mention Afghanistan on this map either…

@Alex: mmmh, please tell me your “bonus points for the city” is a joke 🙂

@Joel D: ooooh, nice one 🙂

And since Joey’s headline contains “Fox News,” has placed a “Read Ann Coulter’s Column FOR FREE!” ad right above the story. Um, no, thanks. Next up: Stories about racism in the Gates arrest will show “Join the KKK FOR FREE!” banners.

@Follower AdBlock Plus for the win

@Alex: lol@“bonus points for the city”

Bolton was the US representative in the UN. did he at least catch Fox’s geoilliteracy?

ok, we get it to most of the comments……. you don’t like foxnews, you’re ‘progressive’. now move along.

EEEEEVIL foxnews-‘murricans led by that cowboy neocon Bushitler MUST have been ”

What I was wondering is what software they used to make that graphic?

Look, if you have to leave a comment telling us where the RIGHT placement of Egypt is, you must think your readers are just as stupid as the idiots over at Fox News.

Sadly most Americans dont know shit about the Middle East.

If i were to reason like an American, i would say:
*Al Capone is American. Al Capone is a criminal. Americans are criminals.
*Hitler is Christian. Hitler killed millions. Christianity is violent.

Does anyone know what fox news was talking about specifically when they showed this map? If the posters here are correct and most americans can’t locate Egypt or Iran on a map, does anyone think perhaps it was painted this way on purpose to sway public opinion in some way? Foxes are sneaky little critters.

The comment explaining where the proper placement of Egypt is, was left for the Fox news viewers who are too stupid to figure it out on their own.

I’m not sure that George W. Bush had never been outside of the US before becoming president. But I think he’d never been to Europe. On his first trip to Europe Laura Bush accompanied him, and one of their stops was Paris. After that it seemed that the Bushes took LOTS of trips to Europe, and Laura always made sure there was a stop in Paris! This was the country we excoriated because they warned us going to war against Iraq was a bad idea. Today that seems very, very obvious.

I notice a few things missing on your map… most notably: Israel.

I’m guessing that some tech guy was updating the map before putting it on the screen, and made a mistake.

this kind of “gotcha” game is silly.

unless you want to get into why Shumer doesn’t know what the 3 branches of the Federal govt are…..

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