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Then and Now

1999 logos: Louis Vuitton, Four Season, Cipriani, Carnegie Hall, Jaguar / 2009 logos:  H&M, Holiday Inn, McDonald's, Netflix, Greyhound

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The 2009 list looks surprisingly similar to the 2000-2001 era post-Dot-Bomb list.

Randy: There is a bit of deja vu, isn’t there? It’s as though the Dot-Bomb was a practice run.

There is one notable difference: all the services in the 2009 list with the exception of Greyhound are all touting new products or levels of service (McGourmet coffee, anyone?). But I guess it’s not good advertising for Greyhound to announce “Nicer, less skeevy bus stations! A 20% less unpleasant trip!”

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