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Greg Gutfeld’s Gutless Apology

It looks as though even though Greg Gutfeld’s show on Fox News Channel, Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, is consigned to the gulag of the oh-dark-thirty timeslot, his ignorant remarks about the Canadian military caught the attention of many people, including our own Defence Minister Peter MacKay:

Although Gutfeld has some access to the resources of a purported news network, his comments suggest that he was unaware of the fact that Canadian soldiers have been in Afghanistan since 2001, have been fighting in some of the most violent regions of the country and have even taken on friendly fire from their American allies. His timing couldn’t have been worse either; shortly after the broadcast of this show, four Canadian soliders were killed in Afghanistan.

In response, Gutfeld has made a weak half-apology:

I call it a weak half-apology, because it uses the “I’m sorry you were offended” time-worn cop-out instead of the proper “I’m sorry I offended you”:

However, I realize that my words may have been misunderstood. It was not my intent to disrespect the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military, and for that I apologize. Red Eye is a satirical take on the news, in which all topics are addressed in a lighthearted, humorous and ridiculous manner.

Was he not there when he did his piece on the Canadian military? There’s not much to “misunderstand”. Perhaps we should start referring to him as Greg Gutless.

Red Eye, which is a poor (and possibly brain-damaged) man’s attempt to capture some of the flavour of The Daily Show, often has commentary on the news with guests weighing in. One of the guests weighing in was comedian Doug Benson, who pitched in with his own ignorant remarks. He was scheduled to perform at The Comic Strip at the West Edmonton Mall later this month, but it has since been cancelled. After his remarks on Red Eye, doing stand-up at Canada’s murder rate capital might not be such a good idea.

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What a piece of crap this guy is. Mr. Gutfield, you really take shallow humour to yet another level.

Calling Greg Gutfeld brain damaged is poor form in my opinion. There are actual people who have actual brain damage and comparing them to Mr. Gutfeld is disparaging to people who have the misfortune of experiencing brain damage. I’ve see more than a few examples of people using hyperbole in critiquing opponents but using mental health analogies to refer to people who you disapprove of or disagree with is (again, in my opinion) starting down the slippery slope that I hope people in civilized countries should never approach.

It’s just appalling. I support freedom of speech and point-of-view style shows – as long as they are factual. This show is anything but, and it’s not even entertaining, either. Where is the president of Fox News in all of this? Where is the executive-level retraction and apology? Where is Gutfeld’s 2-week or longer suspension?

I was watching CTV Newsnet today – which just happened to be covering the return to Canada of the bodies of 4 fallen soldiers. The camera panned to one of the grieving widows – she was flailing so bad that 2 other people struggled to hold her upright. That’s what dead soldiers mean to their families, and to their countrymen at large. I challenge that ignorant swine Gutfeld to look her or any other spouse in the eye, and ask them, how did the deceased like to paint, go to the spa, or wear capri pants. I guarantee you he’s a loud mouth bore with no balls. Like many of the mouthpieces on Fox.

We have a right to be angry given Canada’s commitment to Afghanistan since 9/11. And because most of us, who subscribe to cable, have a basic package forced upon on us that likely included Fox channels. So, like it or now, you’re forced to pay for offensive, inaccurate and misleading content. That’s what makes me mad as hell, too. I can put down and not buy a trashy newspaper that’s part of the Fox empire, but I can’t stop subscribing to Fix channels individually.

CRTC, are you listening?!

When will the ranks of the persistently despondent take to pitifully — and silently — weeping in the corner instead of chipping away at their WordPress server’s bandwidth with their “snarkiness”?

Thane Eichenauer: And if I were to call him “ignorant”, you’d say I was doing an injusting to people who don’t have access to education. Call him “crazy” and you’d use the mental health issue again. Call him “lame” and you’d say I was doing a disservice to the handicapped. Sorry Thane, I don’t play games where I’m not allowed to win, so I’m not playing yours.


This Greg Gutfeld guy has really got my blood boiling. He said he was joking. Let him say what he said about American soldiers and see how long he stays on the air. Americans and Canadian soldiers have served bravely in Afghan. If it is not funny for one, why is it funny for the other. Greg has crossed way over the line.

They only thing that should be said about these soldiers is “Thank you for your service”. I did not hear Greg say these words. Maybe it’s time for him to do some reporting in Afghan.

Gutless Greg and his band of fools are typical of the contributors to Fox News. Comparing Fox News to CNN would be the same as comparing the Washington Post to the National Enquirer. This guy Bill Schultz is a gutless punk also, the fact that the only television gig he can get is acting as a sidekick to a misinformed loudmouth like Gutless Greg at 3:00 AM explains the career path he is on.
Doug Benson has been told not to come to Edmonton and hopefully the rest of Canada will not allow him to sully our country either. The way the Americans have run their economy into the toilet stoner Doug may regret missing out on those shows in Canada when he is in line for that great American tradition called FOOD STAMPS.
I urge all Canadians to cancel Fox News channel if you are unfortunate enough to have it, and boycott all products advertised on there.

This is outrageous, but making jokes about what has happened to people at gitmo or abu gharib is all good? It’s peculiar how we pick what we think deserves an apology.

The outrage that I feel at these ignorant americans knows no bounds. I will not put them in the category or the educated american that is not flaunting their offensive ignorance. Comedy, since when has war been comedy, it is obvious that these people have not lost anyone near and dear to them or wait is it, do these simpletons think its funny when the body bags land in America, maybe they do, after all they are engaged somehow with the fox network. Maybe they are part of the plan for fox to begin another war with their neighbours this time, who knows, they aired that piece of garbage and still have that nutcase working for them. Those funny people should be taken to task but in my opinion the biggest trespasser was fox and I think all canadians to insist that their cable company drop the bastards like hot potatoes, after all I think any Canadian worth their salt could live without that fiasco of a network.

My goodness gracious, What in gods name was this man thinking of. We are sister countries. We are neighbours. Obviously this man has no appreciation at all. We the Canadian and U.S troops stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder.When our troops go overseas the last thing they think of is who are Canadian and who are American. They become and have always been sisters and brothers who fight to keep us all safe. When we hear that our Canadian troops or American troops had thier life taken from us because they were in the line of duty it breaks all our hearts. I know that i hate watching the news and hearing about any fallin troops wether it be Canadian or American. I do not think this man speaks for all people in the U.S. He sounds like a very uneducated individual who will one day be truely sorry for the things he does and says. I am sorry for the Families all over the world who have lost a sister, brother, father, mother, son, friend, grandson/daughter,and for all the Canadians I am truely sorry if you’ve seen this disgusting broadcast that he i am sure is not sorry for one bit. Mr Greg Gutfeld, did you even think how the families would feel and how hurt they would be? you know the ones that lost a loved one or who are presently serving in the war to keep us safe as your sipping on your mix drink eating at the finest restaurants??That was a very bad call bashing our Canadian troops. I am a Canadian and I stand proud for my Canadian troops and American troops! (Too bad you couldn’t do the same!!) To all the men and woman Thank you for fighting the fight and keeping us safe. We LOVE you!!!!

This is the deal about Greg, He knew what he was doing. He knows Canada has troops over there. He does this every day. Keep going after FOX and you can also ask Prince Waleed a large shareholder of FOX to sell.You can reach him at Kingdom Holdings. He’s Rupert Murdoch’s boss.Gutfeld is a racist,bigot,homophobe and a misogynist.So he’s at home with FOX.They do this EVERY DAY.

I am really appalled at the fact that the kind of Ignoramus pictured by Greg Gutfeld can be let loose on a network like FOX, I will forget about watching my favourite show “24”
on that network forever.

I”m sending you an e-mail received from a friend who is just as angry as I am.

“Hi All:

This is good! I’ve received other very well written replies. I think they will get the message that they really pissed us off!

The writer forgot to mention the “Presidential Citation” Given to the PPCLI for their action in saving the American Army from a crushing defeat in a battle during the Korea War.”

Below is the letter I have sent to Greg Gutfeld of FOX network’s “Redeye”
regarding his comments on Canada’s military and which I will be sending to
my local newspaper. If you are as incensed as I am, please forward it to
others on your e-mail list; if not, or if you are satisfied with his
apology, feel free to delete it..


Dear Mr. Gutfeld;

As a Canadian, I find your lame duck apology for your despicable comments on
Canada’s military to be totally inadequate. Perhaps you and your ignorant,
redneck audience would find the following to be just as humorous should you
care to share it with them, which I don’t imagine you will.

Your comments and those of your “commentators” were not only an insult to
the men and women of the Canadian armed forces but also demonstrate once
again the appalling arrogance and ignorance of Americans such as yourself.
Let’s take a quick look at American military prowess as seen from a
non-American standpoint.

Invade Canada because they have no army? You tried that back in 1812 and got
your American butts kicked. The only significant battle that US forces won
in that war was the Battle of New Orleans which was actually fought several
weeks after a peace treaty had been signed in Europe. And even in this
battle, your Old Hickory (was that a reference to his head) depended on the
support of a French pirate and his men who betrayed the British. How’s that
for an amusing play on Andy’s nickname?

Actually, when it comes to winning wars on your own, the only one you can
lay claim to is your Civil War, which Americans of one side or the other
pretty well had to win, didn’t they? In the Revolutionary War you had the
French to help you. In the Spanish American War, you had the local
indigenous populations to help you. Are you finding this amusing?

You largely took a pass on World War One until it was three quarters over
and then sent only a token force most of whom saw no action before the
spring of 1918. Canada, by contrast put 10% of its entire population in
uniform and these men were invariably given the most difficult objectives
which they always achieved, unfortunately with the loss of a full 10% of its
force – that’s killed, not just wounded. And who were your great heroes?
Eddie Rickenbacher who managed to shoot down a total of 26 enemy aircraft in
about the same amount of time that the Canadian ace, Billy Bishop, shot down
72. Where did your guys learn to fly? Then there was that hillbilly hick
from Bear Creek Hollow, Tennessee named Alvin York. What the hell kind of
name is that for a soldier? Alvin’s a bloody chipmunk’s name! Am I being
funny yet?

Of course in World War Two you Americans jumped in when it had only been
going on for two years and a quarter years, but you made up for it by taking
all the credit. Again, it was mainly the Canadian forces who took the brunt
and who were given the toughest assignments in areas like the Italian
campaign and at Normandy. Why do we never hear anything from Hollywood
about what the Canadians achieved at Juno Beach, generally regarded by most
historians, other than Americans, as a tougher objective than Utah or even
Omaha Beaches? Why don’t you American know that the Canadian Division was
held back from entering Rome on June 6, 1944 so that Georgie Patton’s ego
could be satisfied, his ego and propensity for slapping Privates being his
two most outstanding leadership qualities. Are you bozos laughing now?
“But we Americans won the War in the Pacific,” I hear you saying. Yes,
after the Australians and Chindits showed you how to defeat the Japanese at
jungle warfare.

Unfortunately, those lessons in jungle warfare seemed to have been forgotten
by the time you got to Vietnam where about the only things American troops
did were drugs and young Vietnamese women. Isn’t this just hilarious?

And now you’re going to send an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan
where, given your extremely limited success in Iraq (another war you don’t
seem to be capable of winning), it’s just possible that the Canadian and
other lesser UN forces there may feel they would be better off without. You
Americans are just a laugh a minute! No wonder the rest of the world loves
you so much!

As I suggested at the outset, I doubt if this will be shared with your
audience (which, by the way, doesn’t and never will include me), but if you
do, I’m sure you will all take it in the humorous vein in which it is
intended. Excuse me now while I extract my tongue from my cheek.

Peter Salter
A justifiably proud Canadian

“demonstrate once again the appalling arrogance and ignorance ”

So if I’m to take your example as how a civilized non-American might react this is the point where I would attempt to dismantle your national history while making sweeping generalizations about Canadians in a mocking and condescending tirade?

This is the problem with the world. It’s not Americans. It’s not Canadians. It’s flat out dumb fucking hypocrites. I just wanted to point out that all of you posting here are exhibiting the very behaviour you’re all berating Gutfeld for. The only difference is that he’s a satirist. You people are just morons.

Also, did anybody actually consider the fact that the COMEDIAN that was making JOKES about Canada had his shows cancelled from Candian venues because of THREATS OF BODILY HARM. Yeah, America has the market cornered on stupidity. I’d like to pop up here and suggest it’s a joint venture between the billions of morons currently residing on this planet.

If I wasn’t so fucking immature myself I’d tell you people to grow the hell up…

I know I’m months late on this but, this situation bears importance:
word OY
The fact that you guys choose to include an event that occured some moments AFTER the comment to support reasonings is flat out dumb. It’s easy to assert where you all stood pre and post comment; the dots are quickly connected. Because I’m nearly 100% certain that with or without Gutfeld’s completely satirical notions, you guys here that posted 3 months ago would still feel the same about the usa. He had no control over THAT heroic and tragic circumstance. He wasn’t saying what he had said directly to those families faces, cause even if he wanted to, which he fucking surely didn’t and wouldn’t have, it had yet to occur. -AND- If it is indeed true that Canadians make fun of the gitmo situation, Iraq, foreign policy and the like in the media, then y’all had better STFU and take a gander at yourselves before deciding to open up in hypocritical fashion… How is it possible to be sooo conservative, and sooo left at the same time?! Is that patriotism? Or ignorance? What do you think? Hey look, I once heard a Canadian, on tv, say, “You’re going down, I’m gonna take you down world trade style.” Okay so how ’bout that? That comment is world’s worse because it already took place. But look, I understand he’s trying to push the limit. I can understand how distastefull it is – surely I can. But I’m not a fucking idiot getting all hung up on something that someone from another country said in a distastefully JOKING manner about my country and it’s struggles. I’m hung up at your thought processes, not how it’s said. Like the process of blaming the whole entire FOX network for something that 1 satirist wrote. Who fucking does that? That’s what this really seems like, hatred of FOX from the left. Watch that first video, look at the subscript and hear the reporter brand the whole organization as “yahoos” with his take – oh wait, was that a question with a head nod he asked? Is he objectively thinking? Congrats for using 4 brave men who gave their lives as a diving board for your news organizations’ lean Canada. REALLY – watch the vid, see the lean, take note of the timeline, and what do you come up with? You be objective, cause your news media isn’t. Just try and understand, it was a collection of words that were wholly farcical from the first syllable – that understanding saves us from tagging each other, even as so many of you will still spite me because I’m American. Save us.

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