Help Cheril Vernon and Her Family

cheril_vernon_burned_housePictured to the right is what remains of the Palestine, Texas house of b5media blogger Cheril Vernon and her family after a fire. Thankfully, the 3 family members who were at home were able to escape. Less fortunate were their two dogs and cat, who did not escape. Their home, which was not insured, was completely destroyed.

The local Red Cross is providing assistance to the family, but the folks at b5media, with whom I used to work, asked me to reach out to you in the blogging community to offer what assistance you can.

Please consider making a donation to Cheril and her family via PayPal with the ‘donate’ button below:

If you have any physical donations you’d like to make to the family, please contact Angie Alvarado at The Palestine Herald at 903-729-0281.

Cheril Vernon has been a positive force in the b5media community. Her positive attitude and willingness to learn have made her a pleasure to work with. She writes three blogs for b5media: (twitter), and Cheril is also Community Editor for The Palestine Herald.


“You are a Douche” Cards

Stack of "You are a douche" business cards

Five bucks (U.S.) will get you 25 of these “You are a Douche” cards from Orange32. Here’s their description of these cards:

Tired of arguing with complete morons? Tired of getting into bar room brawls? Well now avoid the confrontation with our glorious Douche Card. Simply hand it to the asshole in question and walk away. Problem solved.

Whether a single order will suffice will depend on your line of work and the company you keep.


Carrot Top and Malcolm Gladwell: Separated at Birth?

Carrot Top and Malcom Gladwell, side by side
Photo courtesy of

It Happened to Me

Seattle Travel Diary: The Market

"Public Market Center" sign in Seattle

Pike Place Market is just begging to be photographed. I’ll post more pictures later this week.

Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me

Seattle Travel Diary: Making Friends with the Locals

Liam, the house guitarist at Kells and Joey deVilla, jamming onstage

For the past couple of nights, we’ve ended up at Kells Irish Pub, located right by the market in Seattle’s Post Alley. We’ve made friends with Liam, their house musician. He’s been giving me a solid education in Irish folk music and I’ve been telling him about Burning Man.

Chances are we’ll end up there tonight. If you’re in the area, drop me a line, or drop by!


A Teddy Bear for Your Hipster Lifestyle

Hipsterington Bear
Photo by McDowell Crook.

Being 41 years of age, I am allowed to lose a couple of hipster points by not knowing what the rope is for. A little B&D kink, perhaps?


The Sad Man’s Kama Sutra

Comic: "The Sad Man's Kama Sutra"
Illustration by "Monstro-Draw"; click to see it on its original page.