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Mr. Miyagi to Obama: “Big Ups, Playa!”

For some reason, this photo-comic in which “Mr. Miyagi” (played by Pat Morita in the Karate Kid movies) gives mad props to Barack Obama amuses me to no end. I decided to enhance it by adding a caption to the bottom":

Photo comic featuring Miyagi and Obama demonstrating their Crane Technique.
Found thanks to Giles Bowkett.

3 replies on “Mr. Miyagi to Obama: “Big Ups, Playa!””

this is entertaining , i wouldn’t say its hilarious (actually it depends if u are in the mood to laugh out loud …u can do that also) but i marvel at the comparison of the images, things like these are rare finds.. and it happens i am a fan of both.. miyagi and obama.
i’m giving this a thumbs up!

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